Комплект контрольно-оценочных средств по учебной дисциплине огсэ. 03 Иностранный язык (английский)

Insert the proper article where necessary


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Insert the proper article where necessary.

a) a b) an c) the d) -

1. … sun is shining brightly today.

2. … Italians like spaghetti.

3. There is … old man by the door.

4. We’ve … TV in the living-room.

5. What … nice weather!

6. … Browns are in the garden.

7. Dickens's father was deep in ... debt.

8. … my father's name is John.

9. What is ... best place to stay in Tokyo?

10. Mr Jones is on … phone now.

11. … Saturday is my day off

12. He is ... only student absent.

13. May I ask you … question, ... professor?

14. He lost … hat that he bought last week.

15. I have … headache.

16. Do you read books in ... original?

17. It’s out of ... question!

18. He felt in love at ... first sight.

19. He lives in ... Colorado.

20. It's ... small world!

21. Don’t stop him. He is in … hurry.

22. We spent some weeks in … north of the country.

23. I have two sisters and ... brother

24. It’s ... pity, but I haven't got any sugar.

25. We’ll meet in ... afternoon.

26. … First Olympic Games took place in Greece.

27. I have ... lunch at 1 p.m.

28. … Lunch was great!

29. Summers in ... Crimea are usually hot.

30. Last week I bought ... car.

Тема 3.9. Модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты

Вариант – 1.

1. Choose the correct answer.

1. Our teacher ____ speak three languages.

can / must / may

2. Your coat is quite new. You ____ buy another one

mustn’t / needn’t / can’t

3. Students ____ interrupt their teachers.

cannot / needn’t / mustn’t

4. I think I’ll ____ go and explain it to them.

must / have to / can

5. The woman got up and Grayson ____ see her face clearly before she switched off the light.

might / was able to / could

6. ____ I have your book for a moment?

might / Must / May

2. Choose the correct answer.

1. My lips were stiff. I ____ hardly speak.

A. could B. might

2. I coughed and coughed until I ____ to hold my side.

A. was B. had

3. Every member of a trade union ____ pay a small sum of money.

A. must B. should

4. Why are you late? You ____ to have come at 10 a.m.

A. were B. had

5. I’m sorry I couldn’t come yesterday. I ____ work late.

A. must B. had to

6. Their son ____ stay up late last night to watch the World Cup on TV.

A. could B. was allowed to

3. Complete these sentences using the most suitable verb in the box.

might could can have to can’t

may must not were to could not had to ought was able to are to

1. I have a thorn in my finger. I ____ remove it. 2. ____ I stay here till you return? 3. How ____ you remain friends after what has happened? 4. They were so tired that they ____ stand on their feet. 5. But that was not a method. It was a general idea that ____ lead to a method. 6. I have not finished writing my paper, so I’ll ____ do it next term. 7. You ____ touch it because it is poisonous. 8. Scientists ____ to exchange views and information. Conferences help in this. 9. They were told that they ____ continue the research work. 10. On his way he ____ cross a narrow wooden bridge over a stream. 11. The Department of Insurance has done its best it ____ with your case. 12. He wasn’t at home but I ____ contact him at his office. 13. “Well, you ____ write this exercise at home,” said the teacher.

Вариант – 2.

1. Choose the correct answer.

1. They ____ take every Friday off last year.

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