Комплект контрольно-оценочных средств по учебной дисциплине огсэ. 03 Иностранный язык (английский)


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a) come; b) has come; c) came

6 Past Simple или Past Perfect

1. That morning she went out after she (phone) somebody.

a) phoned; b) had phoned

2. He was tired because he (work) hard in the garden all day.

a) worked; b) had worked

3. The sun (set), it (get) dark, and we went home.

a) set, got; b) had set, got

4. The Hills were in a hurry, but they (take) a taxi and managed to arrive exactly on time.

a) took; b) had taken

5. The Hills managed to arrive exactly on time because they (take) taxi.

a) took; b) had taken
Вариант – 3

1. Present Simple или Present Progressive

1. I … you.

a) doesn’t believe; b) am not believing; c) don’t believe

2. We … a lot of presents on holidays.

a) get; b) are getting; c) gets

3. Who … in the street?

a) sings; b) is singing; c) sing

4. Don’t bother him. He … his homework.

a) do; b) does; c) is doing

5. The Moon … round the Earth.

a) is travelling; b) travels; c) travel

6. I … a rest now.

a) have; b) am having; c) has

7. I’m listening hard, but I … anything.

a) not hear; b) don’t hear; c) am not hearing

8. Look! A girl … something on the pavement.

a) paints; b) painting; c) is painting

9. Every day Tom … his bicycle..

a) is riding; b) ride; c) rides

10. Who … for?

a) do you wait; b) are you wait; c) are you waiting

2 Present Simple или Future Simple

1. Unless you work hard you … your exams.

a) don’t pass; b)won’t pass

2. Steve will probably phone us this evening if he … at home.

a) will be; b) is

3. You … the film if you go and see it.

a) will enjoy; b) enjoy

4. He won’t answer your questions till he … the work.

a) finishes; b) will finish

5. Marry must eat her breakfast before she … away.

a) will go; b) goes

6. We shall all miss you when you … away.

a) will be; b) are.

7. He … in a day or two.

a) comes; b) will come

8. Jack won’t be able to do this work unless you … him.

a) help; b) will help

3 Future Simple, Future Progressive или Future Perfect

1. He (come) at eight in the evening.

a) will come; b) will be coming

2. … you (have lunch) with me on Friday?

a) Will you have lunch; b) Will you be having lunch

3. He probably never (be) patient.

a) will probably never be; b) will probably never have been

4. She (have lunch) by the time we arrive.

a) will have; b) will have had

5. - Let’s meet at the station at 5 o’clock.

- O.K. I (wait) for you there.

a) will wait; b) will be waiting; c) will have waited

6. The work of the scientist (achieve) the proper acclaim.

a) will achieve; b) will have achieved

4 Past Simple или Past Progressive

1. When the phone rang, he … it.

a) answered; b) was answering

2. When the phone rang he … the dishes.

a) washed; b) was washing

3. I … a book when the lights went out.

a) was reading; b) read

4. The incident happened while I … to work.

a) went; b) was going

5. He was writing a letter when the telephone … .

a) rang; b) was ringing

6. Peter … while his sister was sunbathing.

a) swam; b) was swimming; c) was swam

7. He … across the room and closed the window.

a) was crossing; b) crossed

8. He … to find a job for three month last year

a) tried; b) was trying

9. She hurt her ankle while she … tennis.

a) played; b) was playing

10. When I … down, the chair broke.

a) sat; b) was sitting; c) were sitting

5 Past Simple или Present Perfect

1. W. Shakespeare … over four hundred years ago.

a) was born; b) has been born; c) were born

2. They … the first European settlers in America.

a) have been; b) were; c) been

3. I … there for three years, now I have a new job.

a) have worked; b) worked; c) work

4. I … since lunchtime.

a) didn’t eat; b) haven’t eaten; c) not ate;

5. He … to Greece two years ago.

a) has been; b) was; c) has gone

6. Where … ? You look so nice.

a) have you been; b) have you gone; c) were you

7. Have you … Italian pizza?

a) ate; b) eat; c) eaten

8. When … your shoes?

a) have you bought; b) did you buy; c) you bought

9. I … $1,000!

a) have won; b) won; c) winned

10. What … to you?

a) happened; b) has happened; c) did happen

6 Past Simple или Past Perfect

1. He said he (break) the lamp post.

a) broke; b) had broken

2. We asked Peter to come with us, but he refused. He (already / promise) to play football with his friends.

a) already promised; b) had already promised

3. I saw a nice kitten when I (open) the basket.

a) opened; b) had opened

4. After I (write) all my letters, I went to the kitchen to make coffee.

a) wrote ; b) had written

5. She (hardly / finish) speaking over the phone when the telephone rang again.

Тема 3.6. Артикль

Вариант – 1.

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