Комплект контрольно-оценочных средств по учебной дисциплине огсэ. 03 Иностранный язык (английский)


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a) has; b) have got; c) is having

2 Present Simple или Future Simple

1. Marry must eat her breakfast before she … away.

a) will go; b) goes

2. We shall all miss you when you … away.

a) will be; b) are.

3. He … in a day or two.

a) comes; b) will come

4. Jack won’t be able to do this work unless you … him.

a) help; b) will help

5. Will you call on us when you … back from London?

a) will come; b) come

6. I’ll take care of my little sister as soon as she … to my place.

a) will come; b) comes

7. We … our pronunciation if we work at the language laboratory.

a) will improve; b) improve

8. He will give you his book if he an extra one.

a) has; b) will have

3 Future Simple, Future Progressive или Future Perfect

1. Don’t phone Jim from 5 to 6 – he (have) English.

a) will have; b) will be having

2. Why are you in a hurry? If you arrive at 8 o’clock, they (still / cook) the meal.

a) will still cook; b) will still be cooking

3. We are going to buy a car. By the end of next month our family (save) money for it.

a) will save; b) will have saved

4. The workers say that they (build up) a district by the beginning of 2000.

a) will build up; b) will have built up

5. - It is snowing heavily. Have you listened to the weather forecast for tomorrow?

- I hope it (stop) snowing by tomorrow morning.

a). will stop; B) will be stopping; c) will have stopped

6. My sister (know) the result of her exam on economy in three days.

a). will know; b) will have known; c) will be knowing

4 Past Simple или Past Progressive

1. The police picked him up when he … the rules.

a) broke; b) was breaking

2. He … to work when he had an accident.

a) drove; b) was driving

3. When I came home last night, the baby … .

a) slept; b) was sleeping; c) sleeped

4. What was John doing when I … him .

a) called; b) was calling; c) has called

5. I … 911 when I saw the accident.

a) phoned; b) was phoning; c) had phoned

6. Where were you sitting when the film … ?

a) started; b) was starting; c) will start

7. I … lunch when you phoned me.

a) had; b) had had; c) was having

8. I … in New York last summer.

a) worked; b) am working; c) was working

9. I … the fence when I heard the crash.

a) painted; b) was painting; c) had painted

10. Somebody … my wallet when I was shopping

a) stolen; b) was stealing

5 Past Simple или Present Perfect

1. We … each other since we were children.

a) knew; b) have knew; c) have known

2. Last night I … a new performance in the theatre.

a) seen; b) saw; c) have seen

3. … ever … a car?

a) Did you…drive; b) Have you…driven; c) Have you...drived

4. He … a teacher for three years.

a) was; b) was; c) has been; c) have been

5. Helen isn’t here. She … to the cinema.

a) went; b) has been; c) has gone

6. I … a book last year.

a) have written; b) writed; c) wrote

7. How long … your car?

a) have you had; b) did you have; c) had you

8. When … school?

a) did you leave; b) have you left; c) do you left

9. Randy … me since July.

a) didn’t visit; b) hasn’t visited; c) not visited

10. Mr Thompson … here in 1995.

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