Комплект контрольно-оценочных средств по учебной дисциплине огсэ. 03 Иностранный язык (английский)


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Does he like hockey?

1. She wants to meet Jane. _____________________her husband?

2. They’ve got two dogs. any cats?

3. Mother bought some bread. any butter.

4. The boy has gone out. into town?

5. Helen telephoned her friend from London. _______________her parents.

6. The shopping centre was a comfortable place to walk around in summer. _____________in winter?

3. Choose the correct answer.

1. Tom hasn't studied very much this term, …?

A. hasn't he B. has he C. did he

2. The dress will be ready by Monday, …?

A. will it B. is it C. won't it

3. You have to pay the service charge, …?

A. do you B. haven't you C. don't you

4. It stopped raining at last, …?

A. did it B. didn't it C. hadn't it

4. Use these sentences to ask questions. Begin each sentence with the words given.

  1. We should have visited our aunt long ago.

Whom ______________?

  1. I had to take my examination last week.

When ?

  1. People can't afford wasting time.

What ?

  1. Linda has already left the hotel.

Who ________________?

Тема 3.5. Времена английского глагола в действительном залоге

Вариант – 1

1. Present Simple или Present Progressive

1. I … in London.

a) live; b) lives; c) am living

2. My brother … tennis every Saturday.

a) play; b) plays; c) is playing

3. What is the noise? Jane … in the next room.

a) sing; b) sings; c) is singing

4. My granny is in the kitchen. She … cakes.

a) cook; b) cooks; c) is cooking

5. Fred … English.

a) speak; b) speaks; c) is speaking

6. John and Jack … test now.

a) write; b) is writing; c) are writing

7. I usually … tea for breakfast.

a) drink; b) drinks; c) am drinking

8. She … tennis well.

a) play; b) doesn’t play; c) don’t play

9. Look! He … .

a) is swimming; b) swim; c) swims

10. This house … to me.

a) belongs; b) belong; c) is belonging

2 Present Simple или Future Simple

1. Will you call on us when you … back from London?

a) will come; b) come

2. I’ll take care of my little sister as soon as she … to my place.

a) will come; b) comes

3. We … our pronunciation if we work at the language laboratory.

a) will improve; b) improve

4. He will give you his book if he … an extra one.

a) has b) will have

5. Unless you work hard you … your exams.

a) don’t pass; b) won’t pass

6. Steve will probably phone us this evening if he … at home.

a) will be; b) is

7. You … the film if you go and see it.

a) will enjoy; b) enjoy

8. He won’t answer your questions till he … the work.

a) finishes; b) will finish

3 Future Simple, Future Progressive или Future Perfect

1. This time tomorrow they (sit) in the train on their way to Chicago.

a) will sit; b) will be sitting

2. I (be) at home if you need anything.

a) will be; b) will being

3. Julia (finish) all the housework by three o’clock and we’ll go for a walk.

a) will finish; b) will have finished

4. I promise I (get) in touch with you if I need your help.

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