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Topics are up-to-date. If you look into the past of the vast Kazakh land and look into the present – you will witness amazing changes. Today, Kazakhstan is not only a country with a thriving industry, developed agriculture, a thriving culture, but also in the field of physical culture and sports.
Since time immemorial, the Kazakh people have revered courage and dexterity, heroism and courage, ingenuity and have become a tradition. He was proud of his eight-sided classmates, who played on horse ears, did not touch the shoulder blades in wrestling, won and received prizes in competitions.
Speaking about sports, we can especially mention the pride of the region, the USSR champion, world champion and Olympic champion Askar Shaikhiev and Stepan Ivanovich Ulyanov, who began his sports career in the fight against sombo. He became the world champion in weightlifting among railway athletes, six times updated the world record, 12 times-the record of the USSR.
A great impetus to the development of Kazakh national sports was given by the preparatory stage for the I Spartakiad of 1978-1979. It was attended by every region and even every district that contributed to the successful holding of the Sports Contest. Competitions were held in each district and rules were approved. All this has borne fruit. In this regard, it has become a tradition to hold annual competitions on the national scale. In each collective farm, state farm, schools and colleges, circles and sections are organized, the results of which are summed up at the shepherds ' holidays, at the end of the harvest.
The party and government are concerned about the development of national sports. So, in the resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR of 1966, it was pointed out that national sports were widely used. And in 1965, the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports under the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR developed and approved the norms and requirements of categories for Kazaksha kures. In 1971, the board of this committee established the title "Master of Sports of the Kazakh SSR". And such national sports as baiga, kokpar, kyz kuu, silver are included in the program of all-Union equestrian competitions held by the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR.
Облысымыздың Our coaches are with the first wrestlers who took part in improving wrestling and glorifying the Union. С гордостью следует назвать имена таких спортсменов, как Жумагулов Сагидолла, Байров Нурлан, Нурмашев Рамазан, Баймаганбетов Кайрыжан, Камзиев Тлек, Исмагулов Камеш, Тлегенов Марат, Куанышев Батыр, Жардемов Жубанышкалисынды спортшылар есімдерін мақтанышпен айтакеткен жөн.
The subject of our research is the formation of mass sports and achievements of athletes who have conquered askarly askarly to the present generation. As well as in detail about improving their material and technical base, training professional sports and physical culture personnel, organizing and conducting competitions in rural and urban areas. It also tells you about individual athletes.
In this regard, the search for scientific papers and archival collections published in different years of research is based on articles published on the pages of newspapers and magazines, and informs the readership about sports.
This volume of work introduces readers to a brief history of national sports in the region, rural areas, the current course of development, sports achievements of famous Kazakh masters.

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