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First, democratization is considered as the main idea for preparing a general strategy for the development of modern education. Secondly

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First, democratization is considered as the main idea for preparing a general strategy for the development of modern education.

Secondly, democratization determines the direction of development of schools and other educational institutions.

Third, democratization promotes genuine and effective interaction between teachers and students. A distinctive feature of a powerful society is that democracy presupposes the participation of a free and independent individual in public life. However, it should be remembered that independence is based on the ratio of freedom of choice and personal responsibility for the decision made. Independence is the ability to use rights and fulfill obligations, to take responsibility for oneself, to implement conceptual ideas, regulatory and legal bases for reforming education in the Republic and foreign countries as a result of the analysis of the basics, we can distinguish the following manifestations of democratization of school education in relation to students:

- The student (or his parents) has the right to choose the type of school, the content of education, the form of its organizational type, and the directions of specialized education:

- The student is considered as a subject of educational activity, i.e. actively participates in the educational process in its planning, evaluation of results;

- The student is given an individual trajectory, pace of development, learning environment. Thanks to their abilities and knowledge, the student gets the opportunity to plunge into the abyss of knowledge;

- Student's activity in the learning process, independent cognitive activity, is stimulated;

- Student participation in the coverage of the educational process and school life is approved and organized.

The concept of humanization in the context of modern school reform is characterized by a new position of the student in the educational process, a new system of interaction "teacher-student". The main principle here is to create conditions for the self-worth of the individual, his creative self-development, and the realization of the goal set. 

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