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The forty-fifth word

The most compelling evidence of the existence of Allah is that many thousands of people in different languages are spoken about one and the same: about the great and infallible God. No matter how many kinds of religion are there, all they say that love and justice are inherent to God. The world was not created by people - they just learn the world created by Allah. People aspire to a higher justice and love, and the wise is the one who truly believed and understood the greatness of Allah. Exactly sincerely believed, but did not make himself to believe in this. The essence of man is love, justice and sincerity. People cannot live without these principles. Simply in life there are no cases in which they would not participate and would not prejudge this or that human destiny. So the Almighty has created this world. Even the stallion, when he covers the mare, shows his love. A scientist and philosopher – are the pride of mankind. They are the ones who have more senses and the mind. We do not invent science; it appears as a result of our experiences, observations and reflections about the creation around us and the world arranged for us.

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