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The forty-fourth word

The most pathetic man is a man with no aspirations. But the aspirations can be different, and people differ from each other: go to their goals in different ways. It must be said that this property in itself brings up the consistency and enriches the mind. No matter whether a person has a desire, or not, he is glad when someone praises him. His soul stretches to this man and he often does not even think about whether this praise is deserved or undeserved. A person usually shares his thoughts with close people, and when he is waiting for approval or recognition of his action, he is waiting for it from them. He does not crave so much the praises of people of different circle. A person comes to fame in a strange way.

 Most people tend to the well-being. And that's understandable. It is sad when you see the people striving for power or wealth. For these, as they say, all means are good to achieve their goal. By greed and cunning they accumulate wealth, because they know: the people will not condemn moneybags, even turned into a dog. Did not the people come up with these sayings: «Who is rich, he is right» or « The rich’s face is light, the beggar’s dark»? So people believe that only wealth brings honor and glory, and they are right, if to look at the world through the eyes of the steppe people. But from the universal point of view - this is, of course, foolish and wrong. And just as people long for wealth and praise, they want to pass for brave, experts, tricksters, cunning ones, holy men - Hodge and the mullahs... Each imagines himself to be necessary for people. They make their choice, determining which of these "virtues" are now more in price, and will bring those benefits. This is not the choice about the necessity of which we learn from books. People, interested in books, know that at first it is necessary to take care of spiritual purity, and then devote themselves to the service of Allah and the people. Do the Kazakhs think about the purity of the soul? On the contrary, in order to achieve a big goal, they say, you should try to be insensitive, rude. Cannot you see now, what the Kazakhs studied and what is their desire? 1898

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