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The forty-second word

The Kazakh’s addiction to bad is due to idleness. If he was engaged in arable farming or trade, he would have no free time on fiddlesticks. But the Kazakh is not used to plow the land or trade. Idleness turned the Kazakh into a stroller. Borrowed someone’s nag for some time, he wanders from one aul to another to live on free ride or collects gossips, trying to get people involved in the intrigue and embroil them, or himself, along with others like he builds intrigues. An honest worker would consider such a life of a dog. No matter how the work is hard, he would not exchange it for vagrancy. It seems boring to rich people to live, engaging in the cattle breeding. They leave the flocks to the care of the shepherds or their little children and leave the houses. Rich people suffer when their flocks become the prey of thieves and predators or die of cold and starvation, but they cannot bear to remain on the sidelines in conspiracies, gossip and squabbles. They have to travel around the auls, meddle in all disputes and litigation, and then, lounging behind another dastarkhan they entertain with gossips about human misery. It has become a habit of the people, because the bad quickly becomes the property of the crowd. In the steppe they do not appreciate people who know a lot about running the household, who are able to graze and grow the cattle, but honor troublemakers and gossipers. Many kind Kazakhs have cast their big or small farms and now wander across the steppe. They fish out gossips, look for fights, and take food from stranger dastarkhan. They do not care about the fact that their farms, looked after by the friends or neighbors, are getting poor, and families suffer from hardship. People now boast not of wealth but of the skill to cheat an honest man, they do not pride their mind and honor, but the art of making denunciations of the enemies. Even a poor man with one horse, who never held a beautiful Kamcha in his hands, knowing these two "arts", extorts a good horse of some Biy, eats greasy besbarmak, sits at the place of honor on a visit. These people know the rich who are not indifferent to flattery, like the five fingers. First, they achieve their goodwill by "good advice", and then completely subordinate them. «You only order, - fawns such an «adviser». - And I will spare the life for you. I am ready to go through fire and water ...» You'll see - he already owns the wealth of his ward, as if his own, and becomes a respected man in the village. Miserable rich man does not realize that he lost his independence and peace of mind forever. He does not see that he shells out in vain. He gradually gets used to consult with a crook, which spreads before him like a cow not to lose his position, on any occasion.«O my Lord! Don't you know him? -He whispers in the ear of Biy about a worthy man. - After all, it is a known intriguer! For this trick you must say so, but for that in the other way». And he seeks to ensure that the Biy starts to say to a good man the wrong words. A good man turns away from the Biy, unhappy after the conversation with him and the counselor needs only this. «Now you see what is he? The counselor concluded. – It’s good that you followed my advice. He was cunning, you know! Is it a well-wisher who has done so? » Biy loses the will and now cannot take a step without his adviser. He stops to trust people, and people no longer believe him. That is the mind and way of life of steppe peoples.----1898

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