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The forty-first word

The man, who is truly concerned about the future of the Kazakhs and is not only going to give advice, but also to implement them in practice, must satisfy one of two requirements.

The first condition is: in the hands of this man should be concentrated all power to manage people. Only then he will be able to take away by force to study. Children need to be defined in the various madrasas, for there are a great many sciences and they need to master them all. Girls should be also attached to study, let them study at least the religious sciences, if not impossible to do others. It is necessary to ensure that the people would give the means necessary for the study of children and their content. And then, when young men and women will enrich themselves with knowledge and their grown old fathers will no longer command the steppe, maybe then the Kazakhs will correct their unenviable situation.

The second condition is: in the hands of this man should be enormous wealth. Only then he will be able to bestow all the Kazakhs, whose children he will take to the send them to school.

But today there is no such power that would be too strong to keep people in line. And there is no such a rich man in the steppes that would be able to appease the millions. You will not get the Kazakh with words: will not scare him with threats, will not shame him with reproaches. They inherited ignorance from their fathers, along with the mother's milk; it came into their flesh and blood and killed their pursuit of beauty. And they do not think that there are things in this world more interesting than the silly laughter, whispering, disputes and bickering. If such idea comes to their mind, it does not stay long. It is in vain to prove this to the Kazakhs: in one ear he will let your words of another release. So who are we in the end, the people or the unruly crowd?  What should we do to become enlightened people?-----1898

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