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The fortieth word

 Who can answer my questions? Why do we, the Kazakhs, praise the dead but it goes only the unkind rumor of the living? Why do the feeble old men get along with the young and cannot live in harmony with each other though losing some of their peers every day. We worry deeply for a distant relative and love him like a brother, while he lives in a foreign land. But when he succeeds to return home we behave with him like with an enemy after some time. Why is this happening?

Seeing the decent in another people, we admire him, praise to the skies by calling him a radiant, luminous... But why do not we encourage our fellow countrymen, whether they are even a cut above strangers? Why is, coming to a distant foreign country, a person lying shamelessly showing off his land, and returned home again lying, now lavishing praise on someone else's land?

Why does the Kazakh adore his child while he is small, and quickly loses interest in him when he is grown?

Why do not relatives come to a joyful toy or heavy funeral but they are right here when it comes to attacks and theft? How to understand the relative, who did not lift a finger in order to make your horse to come to the finish first, but was offended when you passed him by dividing the prize? In the old days people remembered to death services rendered to them. «Such-and-such, let God give him happiness, helped me to get to shelter, when my horse was completely exhausted», - They remembered with gratitude. Why do people, taking your help, immediately forget about it now? How can you explain that the son of the Biy, getting impoverished, is not ashamed to steal, but considers it shameful to serve the other Biy?

 Two good people cannot get along in the same aul, and the two scoundrels will come together very closely. How does this happen?

Why did someone, whom you considered a friend and put him on the horse, turned his back to you, getting a horse from your enemy? Why do people sometimes not content with the usual conversation with a clever man and eager to death to hear the word of an enemy?

Why do not people want happiness to a friend? If the friend somehow risen, then exactly this man becomes his implacable enemy. There are people who cannot find a counselor. But why do they avoid those that are able to see the whole inside story? Some people visiting guests behave as if they have taken along all their livestock. But why do they banish their cattle away from home, when they wait for guests?

Why do people always long for peace, if they are soon tired of it?

Why are lively, inspired men have-nots, even when they rule the people?

Why are tokals - younger wives - always obstinate?

 Why are immoral people always decisive?

Why do silly stubborn act contrary to reason?

Why are restrained, having a moderate lifestyle people considered weak, but libertines and bouncers, who commit scandals everywhere have a reputation of being dashing?

The Kazakhs will not be surprised with word of truth. They do not listen to it, dismiss it as if they are too busy to engage in empty talk. But if the fiction appears they stumble around it like milk, in which leaven is thrown, and will not go away until they listen it to the last word. Why are the Kazakhs susceptible to falsehood?-------1897

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