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The thirty-ninth word

Our fathers and grandfathers compared to today's generation, of course, had less knowledge. They were brusque in manner, less cultured than we are. But our grandfathers had two such qualities which we now cannot boast. This is a desire for unity and a concern for the honor. We have acquired a lot, became more educated: life moves forward without restraint. But, not having regained these two uplifting human qualities, we will not be able to stand in a row with great peoples. Moreover, all our achievements and the searches do not turn out to benefit us, but only make harm.

In ancient times, the people were able to honor the best men. The most honest and wise of them were given the special powers and were called the "el-bass" - the head of the nation and the "top-bass" - the leader of the community. These selected solved litigation and ruled the country life, and all the rest obeyed their will and were engaged in the large or small household works. People said: «Take a stick and, if necessary, make it into a bat», - but they added: «When everyone considers himself to be a Biy, it is closely on the earth; when the people are united with their leader, they will not burn in a fire. » Yes, the people stood like a wall for their leaders, giving them the reins and helping them in everything. They did not notice the shortcomings of their idols, praised their insight. And by honoring them as a deity, they became better. What did the leaders have to worry if not for the welfare and the eminency of the country, when the wealth of the people was their wealth, and the people were their brothers? There was such a proverb in the steppe: «Who does not value his honor, will be hurt by the other ». And again, people warned each other:«Thirsty for revenge for personal offense harms the common affairs». They also said: «Six squabblers will miss what they already hold in their hands, four amicable will find even what is hidden in heaven», « Who loves the way, will find the treasury, who loves disputes will meet the trouble», «A relative can lose a human face, but he never loses blood ties. »

 When somebody in the auls mentioned the names of the ancestors and appealed to their spirit, the relatives stopped feuding and forgot their resentment. They all went to protect the offended. Where are these two high qualities now? They were the fruits of dignity and fortitude, and losing these fine qualities of ancestors, we lost everything. Now there is no friendship. The peace of mind is replaced by deception. And they cannot feud. Anger is replaced by the envy and squabbles.-----------------1897

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