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The thirty-eighth word

Oh the children, the solace of my heart! Everything I wrote about human nature and life, I leave you for memory. Read these lines without the indifference and you will feel the love to me. Aspiration to truth and its comprehension are born in higher consciousness; human consciousness is determined by his humanity, intelligence and interest in science.

The appearance of these qualities is contributed by the feelings of purity and strength of the body, which are given to man by birth, and their development depends on honest friends and wise mentors.

But children do not go to school themselves, not willingly acquire the knowledge: at first they either have to be forced or attracted to this by tricks.And if gradually, got used to the study, the children drawn towards it willingly, if they have a thirst for the knowledge, only in this case we can say that they have become people. Now we can hope that they will master the science and use it for the good of the people; they will learn to distinguish good from evil, dubious from the valid, genuine from the fake; learn about Allah, themselves and the world.

However, in most cases, children remain half-educated, if not ignorant. The cause of all is the violence from the side of the parents and the mullahs, which kills sincerity in the children. This loss turns to be the hardest misfortune. There is no sense from studying of these people, because they are insincere: the pursuit of science, and the relation to mentors, and even the belief in the sacred teaching - iman. Bring them up as the fully humans is almost impossible, because Allah - is "the way of truth" and the truth is incompatible with violence. Will your friend to whom you sent the invitation through his enemy come to you? When there is no love of Allah in the human soul, there is no faith in him.

Nevertheless, humanity lives, trusting in the future, it hopes for the best sons, not the villains, for the scientists, not the ignorant.

What are the ways of knowing the truth and the verity?

Man masters the science and knowledge when all his being tends to truth and verity, trying to understand the essence of phenomena. Reason and faith are moving him, because the truth is from the earth, and he goes to it in his mind, but the verity is from Allah, and he takes it for granted.

Since ancient times, there is such concept as "science." Science seems to people not like something supernatural and abstract, but existing for the benefit of mankind. Not for the sake of Allah, but for themselves. Therefore the science[5] seems to each person to be a uniqueness of each individual science and draws him. Somewhere in here the purity of man's relationship to the science is born, which at the same time expresses his attitude to Allah, because science is one of the manifestations of the power of the Almighty, one of his properties. A man mastering the science for the sake of wealth, glory and honor, will never understand its essence. Moreover, when a man pursues selfish goals, he loses his human form.Conversely, a person becomes stronger when the wealth and fame, and recognition come to him by itself, as a result of hard work. I repeat, my words are addressed to those who value honor, who love the truth and want to know the truth.

The adherents of Islam should recognize the unchanging truth of their faith. This is the highest level of faith, and it is not achieved by a simple praying to Allah. You, like all Muslims, should believe that Allah is the one, and the only, and that the Koran consists of his holy edifications and the prophet Mohammed is his messenger on the earth, but all this will give nothing to you for the origins of pure truth lie in the other. To understand what is it, first you should understand, for the sake of what your faith exists?

Do you believe for the sake of Allah, or for own reassurance? Allah will not suffer, will not become less imposing, if you, say, stop praying, but you will not be calm if you honor God simply because he is great. In your faith you must see salvation for yourself, only then it will bring you a favor.

So, you believe in Allah and worship him. But he has many faces, and you, consequently, worship all his names, and every manifestation of his identity. Names of Allah are the names of his miraculous affairs, it is necessary to know about it. Then you need to understand the meaning of his eight divine qualities. And if you have called yourself faithful and consider yourself to be a slave of the Almighty, if you are sure in your devotion to him, then in your intentions, designs and deeds try to be like him. Do not be discouraged, considering that it is impossible because an exact reproduction of his deeds is really unthinkable. Is it possible for a man to be the Omniscient, the Almighty, Life, Vigilance, Sensitivity, Will, Speech and Creator! And all of these are the manifestations of Allah, his names. Apparently, it is enough at least to imitate him.

The creator endowed man with eight qualities similar to his own, though less strong. And if we used this great gift not for the sake of Allah, we would not be called Muslims. But where is the true path of following Allah and his great works? The nature of Allah is such that does not need in my descriptions, I am writing because our mind needs in the clarification of the eight qualities or powers. We cognize Allah in his manifestations, to know him is impossible. Even the mystery of creation is not available to the wisest of men, not to mention of the nature of Allah. Allah is infinite, and the human mind has the limit. How is it possible to limits to measure the infinite?

We say: Allah is one, and he is all over. It seems to us that in these words lies the great mystery, we hear some sort of ethereal significance in them, although it is clear that, for example, the word "one" does not express the essence of the great Almighty. Perhaps, once this word was within the capabilities of our mind, its ceiling. By the way, scientists call the form of the existence of any body in the aggregate of its possible forms with the word "one". The existence is in the universe, the universe exists in Allah and Allah, as it written in the holy book of Muhammad – Hadith, appears in eight of its major manifestations and ninety-nine attributes. In the hadith the Prophet Muhammad did not explain the identity of individual edifications of Allah, and they are now read by people in different ways. I want to explain in my word some of the properties of the Almighty, and their connection with the life of the people, or rather to say, the boundaries between God and human beings. As life itself is a basic truth, it means that there is a power that leads a person to a particular goal chosen by him. A man hurries to make something in his life, tries to accomplish something, to win in each of his aspirations. Is there a person who would wish lesion or death to himself? No, there isn’t. Therefore, human is led through the life by his will. That will, which has a small likeness of Will - one of the manifestations of Allah. That will, which has a small likeness of Will -of a single person, as we speak about the people who worship Allah. And if Will the same way as Science, is one of the manifestations of Allah, in other words, if Will and Science are the properties of one and the same great Creator, and if all eight divine qualities are given to people, then, is it possible to speak of a man, who may have any two of his qualities at the same time absolutely dominating over the other. It is impossible to say on the basis of the conditions accepted by us that in any person the will and the science can be connected. And if so, would not that mean the power of a man, or rather, the power of his knowledge? We know that there are scientists and philosophers. Not every scientist can rise to the level of philosopher, but every philosopher is a scientist. So, we can talk of a philosopher with a thorough knowledge in many sciences. And, therefore, we can say that Allah is all-knowing, if his wisdom, as we have noted, is not available, even to the wisest of men.And I let me say that mortals are able to master the power of knowledge, but by the power of omniscience has only Allah. That is his greatness, and it is, even not fully, but nevertheless, correctly expressed by our forefathers - Allah is the one and he is all over. These words are clear for both the scientist and the ignorant.

Science goes to the people through the word; the word becomes clear through the sounds or signs. This is the basis of the following three properties of Allah: Speech, Vigilance and Sensibility. Can you believe that it is really necessary to God to express himself through speech, vigilance and sensitivity? I think not. And if a person is given a tongue to be able to communicate with others, the eyes to see the world, the ears to hear the sound, it also does not match their identity with Speech, Vigilance and Sensitivity. I'm not talking about the scale. I'm just stating: Allah is hear keneth, who listens and a staring, who sees, but none of his creatures, including man, cannot comprehend this. He says the words, but he has no body, similar to the bodies of human speech. He did not create the word – he pronounced it, and this word reached the ears of the people. Allah hears and sees in a completely different way, not as a man. He is just "Omniscient in his knowledge." He is a virtue, and he wants people to imitate him. How cannot help remembering here about the limiting of the human mind and the infinity of Allah? It is not hard to guess that these three divine qualities are given to mortal for the accumulation of the mind, because the mind holds the most important thing on the earth - creation.

What is the meaning of the second major property of Allah-the Omnipotence? The Koran says: «Allah is eternal... He's one of a kind, and there is nothing with him, he exists outside the space, and he created all things only by his power...» Sacred hadith defines creativity as one of the eight major manifestations of Allah. To agree with this statement would mean that we consider creation as old as Allah himself, and eternal, for Allah will never disappear. But if the Almighty cannot get rid of it, it means that he is lack of will, and the nature of Allah is incompatible with such phenomenon. The Creator should be judged by the created world. He created the surprisingly ordered world, where any living or non-living body is connected to the other, where one move causes a response. We see the world, and we admire it, taking it with all our hearts, and in its existence and arrangement we recognize the wisdom and power of omnipotent Allah. These two properties of Allah - the omnipotence and omniscience, therefore, must also be equal. There cannot be so that one of them is leading, and another is driven, otherwise all eight features of Allah, connecting with each other in any number and combination will lead the world into chaos. Creation is certainly one of the forces constituting the power of Allah. In all likelihood, the greatness of Allah is so unlimited that his knowledge is unmistakable and power is invulnerable. This follows from our assumption that the creation is led by the power and is subordinated to him. This concludes my proof that Allah is omniscient in his knowledge and all-powerful by his power, and the rest his six qualities are a sort of ancillary to these two manifestations.

 But this is not the main thing that made ​​me write about Allah. I started this word with the expression: « Oh the children, the solace of my heart ».I want to write about the human world. When you see a person in this« world created by God »where he relies on the mind and will, on the strength of his body, when you see him fighting for his life, his restlessness, for some reason you think about the Almighty as being similar to humans. About Supreme who by giving people eight divine qualities, calmly looks at how in his kingdom people differently search for the truth and accept the creature comforts, not with the same fervor doing pray and looking for the way of salvation. Why do people, who seem to know everything they will have in this and that world, stand out? Why does their amount increase and we already see a big crowd? Probably, it is a sin to say that, knowing that the man has only a will, and the master is unavailable to his mind; knowing that a man, by his will, masters the particle of science and it is like a drop in the ocean of knowledge, which is God's domain; knowing that Allah is not only omnipotent and omniscient, but is also merciful. Although mercy of Creator is not mentioned among his eight major properties, but it is quite clearly expressed in such epithets applied to him as a Merciful, Sympathetic, Forgiving, Loving, Protecting, Benefactor, Bestowed, and Infallible. One could say that the very meaning of the definition speaks in favor of my argument. But that would be the traditional proof and mercy of Allah, I think, requires a logical reasoning.

The world is amazing. Lifeless body does not feel the pain, and the animals support life of intelligent beings - humans. Animals will not hold the answer at the Last Judgment, and the person should be responsible for his actions. The Creator put a man on two legs, that he was high, set head on his shoulders so he could see far, gave him two hands to work. The man does not incline like an animal to the food but brings it with his hand to his mouth. A nose is given him to smell the food, and eyes to see its purity. The eyes are guarded from specks by eyelids, the eyelids are continued by lashes, but they are powerless against the sweat dripping from the forehead, and so a person has the eyebrows. The man's face is beautiful. Allah has called people to the common labor, and therefore gave mind to one, eloquence to another, and will to the third. Do not you feel in all this love of Creator to the person? And is it not a duty of a man to respond to that love in return?

Look closely and think about it. The sun heats the earth, makes steaming rivers, seas and oceans; evaporation form clouds and return to the earth with blessed rain. The land is covered by greenery and blooming flowers, caressing the eyes. Sugar cane is filled with juice, fruits ripen, and trees grow, sheltering birds and animals.  New sources are born, new rivers are forming, or old ones are overflowing, and the water flows into lakes, seas and oceans. The water quenches the thirst of all living in the depths of it fish breed. The sun warms the earth...

And the whole world is for people. The Earth endows them with bread, fruit, cotton, dogbane and other wealth; the birds give feathers, meat and eggs; animals give meat, wool, skins and power; ponds give fish and fish give spawn. Even the bees are working for the people, collecting honey and wax and worms spin silk. The flowers pacify people with their scent. None of these resources serve to Allah, for he is Lord of the world andhe needs nothing. Millions of ingenious machines and thousands of factories are also created for the benefit of mankind. Do not you see in all this love of Allah to the people? And is it not duty of a man to respond to such love in return? Allah did not allow people because of their gluttony to destroy all the animals and thus make harm to the future generations. He made ​​it so that people protect animals by their greed and to save birds and animals he gave them power, quick feet and swift wings. And now some animals dwell in the inaccessible cliffs, others live in the dark depths of the water; the third are buried in the dense thicket of the forest. And they all tend to breed and are endowed with an ineradicable instinct to protect their babies. No, God did not make people complete masters of the earth, he only cared about their food has not been ended, and the life would not stop. Great justice is behind all these amazing accomplishments of the Almighty.

So, the almighty Allah is omniscient, just and merciful. And we, as believers, in all following Allah should have three similar forces: knowledge, honesty and compassion. That is, we have to put a goal to master the sciences, constantly thinking about human dignity, make well to people, and strive to be true Muslims. But are our deeds fair and clear? No. We consigned to oblivion these divine qualities of our faith. Everyone wants others to be fair to him and do him good, but he does not do so. Is this not a mockery of faith? People have lost their way, shown by the Almighty. The sacred words of the prophet: «Think about the greatness of Allah» and «Truly Allah loves the righteous people» - no one has accepted ​​with due sincerity and proper knowledge. Ayats - verses of the Koran are full of piety, but people forget about it. Here is what the Koran says: «Make good deeds and encourage others to do, for Allah loves the people inclined to beneficence ».And further: «There are people who believe in Allah and do good deeds. They are forever destined for a place in Paradise. »Is not the requirements of the Koran true? As Allah created you and the world around you with love so your love for Allah should be active. You have to be honest.

The next ayat states: »But there are such people who, believing in Allah do good things only because they know that Allah does not forgive villains». It is clear that the actions of such Muslims contradict the essence of goodness although they will be called good. These people have no conscience. The great prophet Muhammad, May Allah reward him full of wisdom, wrote: «who has no conscience, has no faith. » And here we convince once again that true belief is not achieved simply by prayers. To exhaust the body by prayer and fasting is perhaps necessary, but the origins of the true faith, of course, are awareness, honesty and compassion. There is a small example. If a man, not separating himself from the people, wants friendship of his people with the others, it speaks of him as of a conscious and honest man. Is not this thought the beginning of beneficence? And is not this man pure before Allah because he wishes people good? A pure intent is the basis of faith, and it should be cherished.As the Sufi Allayar said there was a special truth that you put above a hundred of others. Faith must be above everything else for the people.

We came to the conclusion that the true believer must possess three qualities: knowledge, honesty and compassion. Faith calls him to merge with Allah, and he tends to omniscience, justice and mercy. Where do eventually these three forces lead? What is the perfection of human development?In what forms will the perfection appear? This is the basis of immeasurable and higher, it is the truth, mind and good.

Are they achievable? Yes. All three forces leading to it are laid by Allah in every person to varying degrees, of course. But the development of these forces or properties depends upon the person. The perfection of each of the properties and a harmonious blend of them are achieved by diligence and devotion to science, faith, and life. The owners of the three divine forces were and are primarily the prophets, then Aulie - holy righteous, then learned theologians, and behind them are true Muslims. The righteous first after the prophets imbued with love for the Almighty and instilled this sense to the people. But the prophets and the righteous men have renounced the worldly pleasures and thought only about the afterlife. They did not even think about the property or their daily bread. Only this way, they believed, leads people to spiritual perfection.

Scientists, on the contrary, at all times took care of earthly goods, for without religion, science and craft, they thought, it was impossible to achieve harmony in life. We can say that the prophets and the scientists have sought, in essence, to a single, albeit in different ways. It seems to me that both of these groups, following their ideals, to a certain extent sacrificed themselves. First of all, if humanity was on the path of faith and renounced worldly pleasures, then the world would come to an unthinkable desolation. Who would have grazed cattle, sewed clothes and sowed bread then? Who would have fought with the infidels? Who would have sought and mastered mineral wealth? Not to mention the sins and misdeeds, not pleasing to Allah, because a rejection of earthly gifts would be unreasonable and ungrateful, because the Almighty created them just for the happiness of the people. Such a move probably would have been even criminal before life.

Secondly, the followers of the prophets would have risked altogether disappearing from the face of the earth. Under the yoke of infidels (and they probably would have been won) the most impatient would be destroyed, and patient would be transformed into obedient slaves. Where is the spiritual perfection?

 Maybe this way is not for all the Muslims? How can we tell about the truth then? If the truth is not for everyone, but for some part of the nation, it is not God's truth. A nation that has no great purpose or general truth is spiritually dead. And where there is no life, there cannot be perfection.

But it appears that not all saints have renounced the worldly pleasures. Three of those Saints who accompanied the Prophet - Gabdurahman ibn Hauff, Sagid Abudkas and Hazrat Ibn Guzman - were well known rich. What's the matter? The reason for asceticism of saints, it seems to me, was the disbelief that arose out of concern that the sweetness of life would weaken their faith. But it could be a kind of technique by means of which the saints wanted to drown the desire for wealth in the people. Saints tormented themselves by an unheard asceticism and must have believed that their sacrifice will serve as an example for the masses. Although their aiming to convert efforts and thoughts of Muslims to such concepts as justice, kindness and devotion to Allah, were motivated by a great love for the people, they still came down to the extreme, and this way was fragile. Perfection could be reached by those people who consciously doomed themselves to a painful life. History has shown that few people dared to do so. There needed people obsessed, solid in body and spirit, fanatically devoted to Allah, possessing persistence of a scientist, selflessly loving people. It is almost unthinkable thing that the focus of all of these qualities was the one person, and yet when such a man has appeared, he turned out to be prophet, genius, and villain. That person is immoral who believed that he loved Allah and thus have understood the truth of faith.

First of all, human love cannot be likened to the affection of the animal.

Second, even if you become a sage or a scientist theologian, it does not mean that you have known Allah. Between the true erudition and knowledge, in my opinion, is the same difference as between science itself and its external features, which often passes for wisdom, eloquence, as well as the energetic, quick thinking people are going for the scientists. Allah did not create anything without a reason, and if people want to know the essence of the creation of the world, this traction is also defined by the Most High. From the knowledge of the world, people turn to the comprehension of the nature of Allah, and maybe love to him is born then, because people first of all clarify that Allah created them in love and compassion. It is a sin, not understanding all of this, to assure the people in your love for Allah. The person can be called sage or philosopher if his ability, thoughts and skills have reached the consciousness of higher spiritual powers and he unites the love and truth in himself.

The world would turn into chaos without these people. On the way of establishing true and false, determining cause of the phenomenon, on the way of painful searching for the good of all mankind philosophers forget not only fun, but also all the comforts of life. The best human creations are done with their minds. Their deeds are of the earth, but only in the field of their work the basis of the afterlife are approved. If the theology and occult sciences give blind faith, the mind of the philosophers sow the true conscious faith.

But not all the sages are Muslims. Most of them, knowing the nature and human character, did not understand the truth of faith. Some of these wise men do not recognize Allah; others do not accept the conditions of iman, third doubt the divine beginning of the eight basic human qualities.However, the most energetic of them have found electricity and ways of its use, learned how to catch lightning, keep in touch at a far distance.They have subjected to their mind the power of fire and water, forcing it to work for a man. And the most important is that they are able to direct the mind of hundreds of people to useful work. That is why we owe them.

The Great Prophet Muhammad, May Allah bestow his favors, wrote in the holy book: «A good person is the one who benefits the people». The sages, in my opinion, are of such people. Today these sages are also called scientists, but we should distinguish them from theologians.

The present-day mullahs do not tolerate scientists. This betrays the ignorance of the clerics, their tendency to baser things. Indeed, most of the mullahs, after learning the Arabic and the Persian languages, begin to compete with each other and, motivated by pride, dream only about how to rise. They use any means to achieve their goal. They confuse people by the deception and boastfulness. So judge, what good are they to people.The mullahs have turned into enemies to their people.

The mullahs if they want to do something useful for the people should listen to the words of truth. To do this, they must first realize that the persecution of truthful speech is a shame. And it is not only a shame, but a crime, because the verity is still called the truth, and the truth is Allah.And before the fight against the scientists, try to understand against whom in their face you rebelled.

Empty self-love, as well as any other manifestation of selfishness, destroyed not one person in this world. It’s not enough to become a mullah; one should strive to become a man.

Great Muhammad, May Allah bestow him his favors, once said: «When the world will end one day would seem to the people to be a whole year. »

Murids began to think about his words. And they asked the prophet: «From the sunrise to the sunset faithful pray five times. They pray for their salvation. How many times we should pray on that day of which you speak? »

The Prophet Muhammad, they say, replied as follows: «It will be known to the scientist theologians of that time». It turns out that a prophet did not consider ceremonies to be a permanent commitment, and recognized their update. Do the mullahs know about this? However, what good is of this? After all, our madrasas teach exactly the same as in hoary antiquity. Knowledge gained from them, do not correspond to the spirit of time and cannot be applied in life. Therefore, the mullahs spend their entire life in useless arguments and petty squabbles, chase each other. And this is at the time when, for instance in Turkey has been opened schools where boys are taught various sciences, built many military and other special schools.

Let us leave mullahs aside. There are priests who have more power than the mullahs. These are Ishanahs directing the work of the mullahs of a county, or even the whole province. Ishanahs all, without exception, have graduated from madrasas, their philosophy is scholastic, and thus they harm even more than ignorant mullahs. Ishanahs consider themselves to be true preachers of the faith, even though they are hopelessly behind the times; they see themselves as spiritual healers of the people, although it is clear that this is not their destiny. These are false and deceitful people, who are aware of all the precariousness of their situation and never leaving a rosary and turban. You can see them surrounded by ignorant people, who blindly believe in Allah.

We have seen that faith is boundless, and no mortal can get to know it to the end. The one, who decisively and with full consciousness took this course, can be called a true Muslim. He is now obliged to do good to his neighbor by the property or advice. And if he would devote his life for beneficence, then we can hope that he will become closer to Allah. To do well is the duty of every person. But there are people whose thoughts and actions are intended to live in prosperity and beautifully dress. They climb out of the skin to expose themselves as in the market and to get praise in their address, or cause someone's jealous. But so what if someone would jealous of their outfits? Pursue in life only personal benefits is to be a limited man. A man's desire to have all the benefits of peace is not of great intelligence. The dignity of a man is not determined by appearance and income. Allah judges a man by his heart and mind. And the people who elected the ungodly way, as well as the people who are jealous of them, are unlikely to ever become full. If they get wiser, it must be with the help of the incredibly good people. Is the pursuit of wealth always condemned? No. Stability of life cleanses the human mind, and wealth creates the conditions for its development. Need turns a man into an animal, whose efforts go on not to die of hunger. Not being able to know the meaning of life, he remains ignorant, and it defeats the purpose of man. TheKoran condemns the ignorance, considering it a mockery of a human name. One must strive for the wealth as a means that, firstly, enables him to provide unlimited support to his brothers, and secondly, does not allow him to get into destructive dependence on others. These statements mean that the abundance is necessary to ensure freedom of the people and the creation of specific conditions for their spiritual development. The science is apprehended not for using it to amass wealth. On the contrary, the wealth should serve for the development of science. Knowledge and craft are the treasures. The process of acquiring knowledge or skill of any craft is the highest good. But in order to make the knowledge and skill to be useful to the people, they should be subordinated to the faith, because faith requires people to goodness. God created the world according to the laws of beauty, and the people - with the noble pursuit of excellence and the continuation of the species. One of the important prerequisites for perfection is friendship. People are bounded to see their debt in it. But this debt is feasible only when the person is inclined to friendliness. If your affection to someone provoked a feeling and if your friendship is based on the mutual love and respect, if it grew into affection to each other, then this can be regarded as a true friendship. It’s fine, when such a friendship connects large circle of people. Unselfish, pure friendship excludes any kind of feeling of hostility, selfishness, or attempt of a man to gain a reputation in the eyes of others, say, with a sharp tongue, or out of the ordinary deed.

There are two ways to stand out, to attract people's attention. The first is that people, who faced with evil or injustice, does not stoop to the level of those who commit this evil, and oppose them with all the forces. This is a man with a light heart. His resistance is respected.

The second is that man chooses evil as his weapon. He makes trouble to the people humiliates them, if he has the power in his hands offends the weak. This is a man with a dark soul. His behavior turns people’s hostility to him. The desire to distinguish at all costs is born of self-love, which is a trait of people who are not capable of friendship. Selfishness makes people envious, his jealous embitters others like him, and so people lose their peace, and become enemies.

 There are three things that humiliate a person. This is ignorance, laziness and crime.

 Ignorance is a lack of knowledge and without knowledge nothing is gained in this world. Do not strive for knowledge, means to become like an animal.

Laziness is the enemy of mankind. This in turn gives rise to humility, inertia, shamelessness and poverty.

Crime is inhuman. The one, who always tries to make people evil, loses his humanity and becomes a beast. People should have enough minds to confront these three vices, and become knowledgeable to be energetic and fair in the life. We must always have the example of miraculous power of Allah and hope for the possibility of our hands and thoughts like a miracle too, and believe that any your deal will benefit the people. Without this hope and faith - you're nobody. You will not last long. Do not be a slave of Allah means not be a servant of the people.

God did not create anything in vain. Everything created by him is logical, has a good sense and reasonably related to his other creations.

 Science, for example, embodies the development of people, the way of nations to progress, the way of cognition by people of Allah, of nature, of themselves.

Debt is understood as a high moral category, as the duty of man to make good deed.

They say: «action» and be sure to think that a man must do everything legally, reasonably, in good conscience.

They say: «aspiration» and believe that it will be sent to the good, the sublime, and the beautiful.

The Prophet Muhammad, May Allah bestow his favors, wrote in a hadith: «Without desire there is no good deed ». Does this mean that for the comprehension of Allah must be observed all the rituals required by the mullahs? After all, the prophet himself, as we discovered, did not consider the ceremonies to be a permanent commitment. Don’t we go in a wrong direction? Well, you make ablution and pray, hold the post, you want to refrain from worldly or sensual delight, but does it all really give you solace? Externally you are calmed, even unruffled, but is your soul so calm?Committed ceremonies are sincere and full of sense when you recognize God's truth. Ablutions and prayers - namaz, and fasting should only be the outward manifestation of belief; but if you not imbue with boundless faith in Allah, then do not these ceremonies turn to the greatest expression of human hypocrisy? Maybe those scientist theologians, who say that there is one faith, true, and it is not divided into conscious and blind, are right. Rituals, in their opinion, are the face of faith, they decorate it, and only because are needed. I am convinced that few people are interested in the true purpose of the ceremonies. Previously, they served to preserve the purity of the faith. Whether they serve it today? Probably still it is silly when people, at the insistence of the mullahs, pray for the sake of not being unbelievers.

What is the essence of prayer? Believer first frees the body from the feces and makes ablution. Standing on a prayer rug, he touches with his hand, dipped in water, the socks and the foot of Ichigo, showing everyone that he is clean and has performed ablution. Then the same way he touches with his hands over his face and neck simulating washing. It should be noted that all the movements of the hands go down as well as water runs down the body during the washing. Now the man who performs namaz is ready to communicate with Allah. He touches his ears with his fingers and it is also a sign. A sign that he admits his own insignificance before Allah, not daring to raise the hands to him, for Allah is everywhere and nowhere, he all turns into a rumor. He calls for the help of Allah in order to prevent him from temptation, because he is mired in worldly sins. Then he dutifully puts his hands in front of him, a slave is standing before the Almighty Master, and silently assures him of his submission. He turns toward Mecca, because a great faith was born there, and he hopes that his prayers would be answered by Allah. He says a prayer, beginning with Fatih surah - praising the Almighty. Clarify the surah is a long story, and I wanted to comment only the outer side of the rite.

The prayer continues... Hands are pressed to the knees and the first bow is put. With it they say that prayer is directly brought before Allah. He kneels down and touches his forehead against the ground, repeating the bow, and then straightens. It is a great expression of the thought that he, a man, came out of the ground and will go to the ground, then that he will continue living in the other world, and eventually, will appear before the last Judgment of the Almighty. Prayer is coming to an end... Last genuflection is another greeting, another expression of our gratitude to Allah, one more request that Allah bestowed his favors on the prophet who would come to the people.

Prayer is finished. Penance, love, gratitude of his slave and the request for the future of all Muslims is brought to Creator. This is how a person expresses his faith. But what does the outward manifestation of the faith give to itself and to the people? Who can explain this to me?-----------1897

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