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The thirty-seventh word

1.      The dignity of a man is determined by the way that he goes to the goal rather than the fact whether he reaches it.

2.       The finest thoughts fade after passing through human lips.

3.       There is no certainty in how a wise word would be apprehended by selfish ignorant.

4.      Help the wise. To promote the ungrateful means to descend you.

5.      The son who worships only his father is the enemy of the people, the son of the people is your friend.

6.      A strong man though wishes a lot, but contents with a small; a worthless man asks little, but is not happy, even when he receives more.

7.      Working only for himself is like the animal that takes care of his belly. Lord loves the one who works for the good of mankind.

8.       Who poisoned Socrates, burnt Joan D’Arcy, crucified Christ, and buried Mohammed in the remains of a camel? The crowd did it. Then the crowd has no mind. Manage to direct it to the path of truth.

9.      The man is a child of his time. If he is bad, his contemporaries are guilty of this.

10.   If I had the power, I would cut off the tongue to someone who says that man is incorrigible.

11.   Loneliness is a death for a man. All the troubles fall on his head. However, the world is filled with not only the troubles, but also with entertainments. Who can withstand the first? And who will not die in the second?

12.  Who has not been in trouble! To lose hope is for the weak. Does not for the harsh and snowy winter go summer with sparkling lakes and thick grass?

13.  Who screams in anger is harmless, be afraid of the one who is angry in silence.

14.  People lose their heads of joy and happiness. Only one of the thousands of the lucky manages to keep the mind in order not to appear naked in front of the people.

15.   The deal goes well with skills.

16.   Glory is a high rock. Patient snake crawls on it, a falcon soars to its peak in the rapid flight. Unharmonious people praise the one who did not reach it. And the foolish believes this hype.

17.   The world is the vast ocean. The time is unceasing wind. Generations are like the waves, hurrying one after the other, and on their change eternal life keeps.

18.   A beggar, famous for his mind, above the happy king. A young man, who sells fruits of his labor, is worthy an old man who sells his beard.

19.   The trick turns a man into a beggar. Hypocrisy turns Sufi into a parasite.

20.   A bad friend is like a shadow. When the sun shines, you will not get rid of him, and when the clouds are gathering above the head – you will not find him.

21.   Trust someone who is closed, but be friends with someone who is sociable. Beware of the careless, but be a support to the saddened.

22.   Anger without the power is a widower; scientist without the followers is a widower; love without fidelity is the widow.

23.   As long as you're not happy, everyone wishes you goodness. But if your destiny lifts you up you will be your only well-wisher.-------1896


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