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The thirty-fourth word

In the hadith-the Holy book- the following words of the prophet Muhammad are written. «That who has no shame has no faith». The Kazakh proverb says. «Anyone who knows how to be ashamed knows how to be faithful. »From these words it is clear that shame - is one of the sacred senses. So what is the shame? There is a shame caused by ignorance of people. It is similar to a confused boy, who does not dare to utter a word before the adults, or other adult’s timidity, who does not dare to meet with a famous person just like that, without specific affairs to him. Such people have guilt neither before God nor before their conscience, but they cannot release from the will of ignorance, they complicate everything, and are ashamed of what they should not be ashamed. The real shame is that caused by the actions contradicting the faith or mind, or defaming someone's good name. It can be of two kinds.

The first - is a shame not for your faults, not for yourself, but for the other’s affairs. It is caused by the pity for this man. The feeling of wonder and disappointment for his misdeed, anxiety for his fate makes you suffer. «Why did he do that? – You worry for him. - Why? And what will happen to him? » Compassion motivates your thoughts.

The second - is a shame for your misdeed that you have committed due to a misunderstanding or too carried away with something. And though at that time there was no one nearby, but you realized that your misdeed has humiliated your dignity or defamed someone's good name - and you are tormented by the conscience. You condemn yourself, lose rest, and dare not look in the people’s eye. People are suspicious in such cases, they lose sleep, stop eating. Shame turns people inside out, determines the measure of their humanity or meanness. How can we look back, find the right words for calm? It happens that there is no time to wipe the tears and blow the nose. The man is likened to a harried dog. He does not see or hear. Sometimes he even comes to suicide. It is only the highly offended man who does not forgive such a poor guy! He, who did not spare him, added the torments, deciding to shame him even more, perhaps, is himself deprived of conscience. But the people I see today don’t only feel the shame, they do not even know how to blush committing dishonest affairs. When they are admonished, they even feel offended. « I told you I was confused, what else do you want? »-wonder some of them. Or snapping: « Okay, okay. Well, I am ashamed. And you would not be mistaken in my place? » There are those for whom nothing is exasperated. Their argument is that: « No one has ever died from such mistakes! - They exclaim. - That's what did such and such, and there is nothing - are living. How can you compare my crime with their committed crime? And I had the reason...»

What can we say about these people? Is there a shame in their words or not? If this is called shame, then what about the scriptures and the words of the wise? Is the truth in them, or in the words of these people? And whether they believe in Allah after this?-------1896

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