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The thirty-fifth word

They say that when the world will end on the last judgment before God will appear all Hajji - pilgrims who visited Mecca, the mullahs, the Sufis, Shiites - warriors-righteous and generous. The scriptures say that generous, as well as clergymen, would go to heaven. But on the Judgment day people who have become Hajji, Mullah, Sufis and Shiites or were generous just for the sake to enjoy the honor and respect of the people, they say,will be collected separately from those who received these titles by selfless service to Allah, devoting their lives to only one - piety.

And the Creator would be the first to say: «You became on the earth Hajji, Mullah, Sufis, Shiites and generous to be worshiped by the rest of the people, calling you «respected Hajji », «honorable Mullah », « esteemed Sufi », « unforgettable Shiite», «incomparably generous». It demanded from you considerable art. But you have lost all this. The world you have created in a joint effort collapsed, and with it the strength of your power came to an end. There is another world here. Do not wait for the usual honor, hold the answer. I gave you a life. What did you spend it for? I gave you wealth. What did you use it for? You tirelessly spoke of God's judgment, but always insincerely, you preached faith in God, but always without diligence. You lied to the people. This is what lives and wealth are spent for! »

And the Creator would turn to those who have devoted their lives to him: «You have sacrificed everything to become my true servants and earn my gratitude. I am pleased with you. Enter the monastery, it is open to you. Your friends are also worthy of mercy and though they could not become my servants but they treated you with compassion and concern. Show them to me if they are present in this judgment». They say, this is waiting for the people in the terrible Judgment day.--------1896

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