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The thirty-fourth word

All people know that they are mortal, that death comes not always in old age and that after death no one is resurrected. The Kazakhs also believe that. They also believe that there is the Almighty, the Creator of the world, and he will arrange the court, after the ending of the world, he will punish for sins and reward for good deeds, and that his punishment and retribution will not be similar to earthy. In their opinion Allah may cruelly punish a man and raise unimaginably high. So why, knowing these two obvious outcomes of human life, the Kazakhs does not do only good? Why are they restless and why is it uncomfortable for them on the earth? The reason lies in their insincere faith, which must have arisen and exists now only because they, like all the nations, recognize the afterlife. But if faith of the Kazakhs is questionable, how can they call themselves true believers? And who can instruct them on the path of truth?

 Anyone who wants to avoid the torment in that and in this world must know: there are no two joys, two concerns or two sorrows in one soul.It's an impossible phenomenon, because for the present Muslim earthly cares and joys cannot be more significant and more bright than heaven ones, those that expect him after death. But the Kazakh, faced with a choice between two things, one of which is desperately needed for the earthly life, and the other is required for the afterlife - would undoubtedly take the one for his earthly existence. He chooses, knowing that everything in this life is fleeting, and you should never miss a chance. He trusts in the mercy of Allah, in his forgiveness. He relies on luck for the next time- that’s when he would take everything that is needed in the afterlife. How would he prove then that he hasn’t changed Allah for the Earth's life? I imagine all of us to be such a Muslim.

The man is a child of humanity. That’s why your birth and maturing, your aspiration to wealth or the feeling of hunger, your sadness, the way of life, your constitution, finally, your death do not differ from the nature and the destiny of any other person. You, like everyone else, go to the grave, and rot; know that you're also waiting for Judgment Day; your fear of troubles and pleasure of gifts of both worlds are the same with feelings of your kind. And does life seem to you longer than five days? And if that is true and the people are each other’s guests, if you are a guest of this world, then why do you strive to reveal what is known to the other, and what is not? Why do you envy other people's prosperity and happiness, interfere with another’s live? Why do not you ask Allah to bless you for the honest work, but beg him to take away and give you a wealth of others? Why should the Creator humiliate another person for your sake? Why do you try to prove your rightness if you are not sure, that it does not turn into falsehood? Why do you have to puff out your chest, not being able to connect even two words? How will Allah help you? Let us put aside faith, and not talk about what kind of Muslim you're.Are you a man at all?---------1896

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