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The thirty-third word

It is necessary to learn the craft to live in abundance. Cattle die of jute and craft does not depend on natural disasters. Craftsmen who works up a sweat and sells what he did with his hands, can be considered to be the best of the Kazakhs. But among them, the few Kazakhs craftsmen, like an incurable disease, there are vices. First, these men do not seek to master a new craft. They are not looking for the masters better then themselves, do not approach each other, do not work with them hand in hand in order to learn their art, they are content to what they know, as if the whole world keeps only on these masters. And according to the age-old bad habit of the Kazakhs they indulge in empty contemplation, lie on their ribs, criminally killing the precious time.

 Secondly, they do not know how to work hard. Earning a few head of cattle they begin to imagine them rich and boastfully think: «Don’t I have enough cattle? » Such thought is enough to people to be indulged in idle laziness, carelessness and dandyism. Third, these people do not beware of flatterers. And they will not fail to appeal to the craftsman with a sly request: «You are free in your actions, my light, and you're the most skilledmaster in the neighborhood! », or« Aga[4] what is for you to fulfill my request? You have once to spit, and I will be happy! » Not everyone can stand hearing such words. And if the craftsman succumbed to temptation and imagined himself as an irreplaceable wizard, then he has no control over himself any more. He will spend all his time for the performance of everyday, not requiring special skills orders of flatterers. Fourth, the Kazakh craftsman likes to make friends. And most of all, he is in the company of dishonest people. Cheaters make friends with him, present some little thing to him, promise mountains of gold or their patronage, and the craftsman is glad to death that he had found a true friend, and also tries to serve him. He climbs out of the skin in order to make pleasant to a friend and does not notice that he was cheated.

So the days pass, the family and daily bread are forgotten, the debts grow, and there comes a time when he is forced to borrow from one to pay off with the other. Now the poor fellow is obliged to work to make ends meet. But the endless orders of "friends" that he performs as the gift bring him into trouble: to poverty and totally dependent on fat cats.

Why is this happening? Who knows? It is strange that the Kazakhs, who are able to cheat anyone, are so easily deceived themselves.----------------1896

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