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The thirty-second word

It is known that only the one who is thirsty for knowledge masters the science. But one desire here is not enough. Even the learning process should be governed by a particular system. Otherwise, the search and the whole vast work of the person that was spent on the acquisition of a science can be wasted. First you have to understand for what exactly you need the science. Not for enrichment or acquisition of expensive things, not for the deal that will bring you profits or position in society, strive to science. If you're passionate about it, then you will be rich for your every opening, for the removal of any slight gap in your knowledge. What could be more valuable than such an acquisition? And is there the pleasure higher than that which you have experienced with this? You’ve got a love for science, and it, as any love, is insatiable - and then you go to a new work and searching. This love, in other words is a thirst for knowledge, it helps you to remember what you have seen and heard, to assimilate it and to fix it in your memory in the clear, figurative art forms. If your soul lies to other things and you study science for achieving them, then your attitude towards the science is like an attitude of the stepmother to her stepson. You have to love the science as a mother loves her son. Then the science will answer you in return, will be more accessible.

The Enlightenment should not be an aim in itself. This leads people to competition with each other, creates unnecessary, stupid bragging. Any of these things brings harm to science and society. Even if disputes are meaningful and sharpen the mind, anyway excessive adherence to them is destroying man, because he starts to argue for the sake of not getting at the truth, but in order to defeat the opponent. The science in such cases remains aside, the main for such a "man of science" becomes his attempts to confuse the other one and make him a victim of false truths. This is similar to the case of steppe troublemakers have already been mentioned before! The man, who misguided a hundred people in a dispute, does not cost the little finger of one who brought to the truth to at least one errant. The debate is necessary in science, but at home it creates the envious and the aggressors able to lie, slander and assault. Reaching the truth, do not give it up, even under the threat of death. This truth is real; it has just captured, subdued you, and has made you really stand for it to the death. Otherwise, you cannot convince others in it. What is the use of your truth, if you are not devoted to it? People will not accept it.

Do not be jealous, revengeful and frivolous, or your studies will not benefit. In the nineteenth word of edification is said about the indifference and carelessness and how these flaws prevent people from becoming reasonable. Remember, wherever they rule, there is no God, no people, no economy, no honor - all the things for which the science exists. And the last thing I wanted to say. In order to save your knowledge and understanding, you need to have a character, a strong character. It is appropriate to compare it with a vessel that stores precious moisture. Indeed, why should you acquire the knowledge, if there is no place to store it? Therefore you need to be persistent; you should always keep firmness of spirit. Strong character is unthinkable without the will, which helps a person to ensure what he seeks to, and does not allow him even a moment of weakness. So, the firmness of spirit and the will are the basis of the character. Let them serve human mind and honor.--------------1895

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