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The thirtieth word

The Kazakhs say: « You will not take over even one hill on forty nags». The splurge also does not go far. What for is the splurge to people what is its use? Bouncers don’t have any conscience and dignity, the ability to great affairs and lofty thoughts. You will not find courage of batyr or humanity in them.

"Oh, stop it! - They dismiss of advice. - Why are you telling me about the others? We’ll see who is better and whose head will be strapped to the saddle. Maybe I owe my success to someone? Maybe someone puts meat in my pot or give me livestock for milk? »

Or, in a frenzy beating his chest, sway from side to side: «Do I sorry for my life? I'll be damned if so! For this cause I am ready to go to be shot or be exiled. The death is one!  You will not escape! »

 But I have not seen a Kazakh going after these words to death, as well as I have not seen a Kazakh who would admit that he is not able to die with dignity: everybody  just poke fingers in their small Adam's apple and threaten: «I will, indeed, and that is all! » If one carried out this threat, then people would be surprised at resolution of a fool. But what can we say about the people who do not know where to hide when trouble comes?

Those who expect to convince others with assumed hysterical cry. Who is counting on naive and is able to achieve such words about himself:«Leave this kafyr alone. How would he really not done a mess».

Oh Allah! Can not we see man’s spiritual richness, if he has such, his faithfulness to the oath, generosity and other good qualities? There is nothing to listen to dishonest and unscrupulous people about whom they say: «Shameless’ cheekbones do not get tired».-------1895

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