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The twenty-ninth word

The Kazakhs have a lot of intelligent, practical proverbs, but there are those that do not withstand not only God’s, but also human evaluation. They say: «Be poor, but do not lose your honor. » It is rightly said. For, having lost the honor, a man condemns himself to a miserable existence. There is nothing humiliating if you are called on a grave, painful, but honest work. Not everyone is fearless, and will respond to the call. Worthy take the path of struggle, unworthy choose idleness and begging.

They also say: « The snow can be kindled by skills »; « You can get everything skillfully asking ». These proverbs deserve God's punishment. Is not it better to ask the land for prosperity, or hope for your work rather than live in humiliating search of words that can soften the miser, or puzzle over how to "kindle the snow". There is a proverb: «If you're unknown, then fire the field». But what is the use of fame, extracted out of a crime?

There is also such proverb: « It’s better to be like bura[3] during a day, than to mooch like emasculated camel for a hundred days». But what's the use of a one-day mad passion which bends your body?

They say: «Gold will lead astray even an angel. » I sacrifice these people for the sake of the holy name of an angel. Knowing that angel doesn’t need gold they want to justify their cheating, born of envy. «Wealth is sweeter than father and mother, but life is more expensive than house full of gold». Is a rascal, for which wealth is more expensive than his parents able to appreciate his life? Of course not. But what a dirty trick - to change the father and mother for the wealth! Hardly or easily, but the parents acquire cattle and property with only one thought: to leave to the children.And, selling parents for wealth, a person commits a crime against God. We have to be extremely careful in dealing with proverbs, born by ignorance of people.-----1895


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