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The eighteenth word

Clean and suitable clothing suits the man. It is bad when he does not look after himself and his clothes are dirty and wrinkled, but it’s even worse when the person has a passion to dress beyond his means, and he flaunts his attire.

There are two categories of dandies. Some just monitor their appearance: care for the face, paint the eyebrows, continually fix the moustaches and beard and like flirts, play their eyes and fingers. Others extract a certain benefit out of dandyism. A beautiful dress and a good horse for them is a source of livelihood. That is why at the feasts these dandies are always in sight. They are accustomed to praise of senior and sorrows of peers, and rejoice when younger look at them with envy.

All of this is shameful and stupid. A person should not get involved in panache, for having given in to the temptation once; he cannot easily overcome it, and thus will lose his shape. Mind, education, honour and charm make a man handsome and strong. Nothing more. And those one is stupid who wants to rise in another way.----1893

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