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The sixteenth word

The Kazakh does not really care about his infallibility before the Almighty. He considers being sufficient to do what others do. And he falls on his knees to do a prayer, stands up and bows again. You can be sure he honors God.

It is interesting to compare this with his arguments to the merchant, who came to the village for debt. « That's all I could find - he says - if you want - take it, if you do not want - do not take. I cannot get the impossible just because I owed to you. » Of course, he can get rid of a merchant with such a trick, but the God cannot be fooled. But what is the attempt!

The clue here is more than simple. The steppe man does not want to burden himself with unnecessary troubles, learning and developing language. «That's all I know, - he defends desperately,-I cannot relearn in my old age! ». Or he states with a sincere view: «Just not to be reproached that is not a scientist, but I am not guilty that I cannot speak intelligently, I've got such a language...». And he meanwhile knows that the Almighty gave him quite a good language, the same as to all the people.-------1893

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