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The fifteenth word

The difference between the smart and the stupid people seems to me as a kind of measure for comparing the contradictory. Indeed, an intelligent man seeks to benefit people, his ears are open for advice and the memory is a pantry of light sadness. He is always looking for the world's amazing and unusual, and the days of these searches then seem to him to be the most wonderful time of his life. He never regrets of his past.

A stupid cannot find his place in life. He is interested in anything, filling the days with fruitless, pointless ideas. The youth is not eternal, but the fool does not think about it. Surrendering to the fun, he becomes insatiable and one day, too late, understands that the time bent him. It turns out that the best years were spent in dog troubles, and old age blighted by bitter remorse.

The temptation destroys a man. It lights the fire of passion in the blood, and the passion is a disease, because it intoxicates person. Foolish man, surrendered to passion, is like a fool, who, with his nose up, sweeps without a hat on a barebacked horse, covering it with large floors of his robe.

Smart man at this time gets everything without much noise, not exposing himself to ridicule and not losing his head. Anyone who wants to be in the camp of the reasonable must once a day or once a week or once a month realize: how he lived these days, did he make anything good for the people, and will contrition wait for him in the future. After all it also can happen that there will be nothing to remember.------1893

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