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The thirteenth word

Being faithful - means to believe in the power and purity of Allah and accept iman as the teaching of the Prophet about the unity of Allah and life on the earth. There are two kinds of serving to Allah. The first – after taking iman, one knows how to protect and strengthen it with reasonable arguments. It is a conscious faith, and those who perform it can be called preachers. The second- the people become god-fearing after reading holy books or the words of Mullah. This faith is blind, and the vast majority of people confess it. But the true believers, of course, should be recognized of those whose beliefs can affect neither the threat of death nor thousands of sophisticated arguments of different people. It is not hard to guess that such ones should have a fearless heart, an irrepressible spirit, and strong joints. And how can we call those of the faithful who are not privy to the mysteries of science, to preach Iman, and have not so strong spirit to blindly follow the faith? Those who issue black for white, and white for black and do not know the price of the oath? Keep us Allah from such! There is no other faith, except conscious or blind, and he who perverts Iman, should know: he is waiting for punishment. This will manifest the greatness of Allah and kindness of the prophet. Let the people, whose truth fits into the false proverb be cursed. It says: «There is no oath that damask would not cut; there is no sin that Allah would not forgive».----------1893

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