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Panopto - Panopto is the University wide solution for capturing video and audio content for teaching, learning, research, and iTunes U.


QR Code - QR is short for Quick Response and is a two dimensional bar code which can be read quickly by a cell phone or tablet device with a camera and QR reader application. They can be printed on paper or displayed on a screen and are used to encode small amounts of information such as a website URL, GPS location, product information or other useful short text.


Rip: To extract or copy data from one format to another. The most common example is found in the phrase "to rip a CD", which means to copy audio tracks from an audio CD and save them to hard disc as WAV, MP3 or other audio files, which can then be played, edited or written back to another CD.


Software - A generic term describing all kinds of computer programs, applications and operating systems.


Tablet Computer: A tablet computer is compact portable computer that makes use of a Touchscreen instead of a keyboard for typing and running appklications. Apple's iPad is a typical example of a tablet computer.


USB: Abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus.


VPN - See Virtual Private Network


XML: Abbreviation for eXtensible Markup Language. XML is a specification emanating from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that allows Web designers to create their own language for displaying documents on the Web. XML is an extension to the standard language for creating Web pages, HTML, and makes it possible to create websites containing more complex interactivity.


YouTube: A website to which you can upload your own video clips and view video clips uploaded by others: http://www.youtube.com. See Section, Module 2.2, headed Saving and converting streaming media for use offline.

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