Analysis and selection of CRM systems на конкурс

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Analysis and selection of CRM systems на конкурс
Абайдын кара создери 20, Документ Microsoft Word, физиканы силлабус, лаборатория-2019-2020, AZhK3324 Ақпараттық жүйелер құрылымы, ЫТЖС оқу құралы Егізбаева Ж., Сабақ жоспары, мхэжә прог, Таубай.Б 5.4, Акпараттык техн УМКД, ОБ АДҚП англ , Дінтану силл, 1-2 саб ХПЗН, балалар әдебиеті сил
Student MT 109-17 Zhakyp M.H

Master teacher Batyrbekova P.E

International Humanitarian Technical University

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Spiritual revival

Our goal is clear and well-known, and it is one of the 30 most developed countries in the world. To achieve the goal, our conscience must be ahead of us, that is, to revive it beforehand. It does not only supplement political and economic revolutions, but also becomes a core of them.

Analysis and selection of CRM systems

The Microsoft Office package now includes all the capabilities to work in an off-the-shellet application. The Microsoft Office package is available in two variants. It can fully meet the needs of all users. This is just a tool for extra composers.

Lotus Notes system.

Lotus Notes is a client-server platform that serves as an assembly and installation of additional applications. The Lotus Notes system has the necessary tools for preparing the application, where it is possible to use the information together. Lotus Notes allows users to obtain, view and retrieve information relevant to the document. This information can be sent in different formats, such as text, video, audio, and sound.

The most important in Lotus Notes

1. There is a consistent and persistent information.

2. The flexibility to work with complicated documents, systems.

3. Creating a complementary application environment for a working group.

4. Full-level protection at all levels when accessing information.

5. Duplicating new information for affiliates.

6. Host and laptop operating systems.

7. A masseur can be a very large corporation, consist thousands of people.

8. Client and server software modules for business-process technology.

Lotus Notes uses OLE to work uniquely with other types of applications. In any organization, you will need to adjust the information sooner or later. The detection factor is the identification of the information that is in the range of time.

The basis of electronic document management is archive. It contains the contents of the documents until the value is deleted.

An electronic document tells you all the documents in the form of text or graphic files using electronic means. Electronic archive name is made for the preparation of electronic documents by software and hardware complexes.

Document Management Systems DOCS OPEN.

The system is designed by modern-day "client-server" architecture. DOCS OPEN has two servers: the document library is stored on the server, the second type of document server is stored in it.

SQL Server is used as a library server. The database management system consists of two basic principles: ANSI should be able to work with SQL and be an ODBC driver. A document server can be created on any node operating system. The main fun company divides Novell NetWare and Windows NT.

Storage of documents is possible under the following principles:

Document storage scheme in DOCS OPEN maintaining files on a hierarchical file system and hierarchical system.

Documents are stored in files stored on the file server.

The DOCS OPEN system is provided with full text indexing. These tools can be found on the content of the document.

DOCS OPEN has the ability to collect documents. Documents will always be on the server that was originally stored. The document is provided to the user if it is to be processed.

The DOCS OPEN system has very high security features, which will allow you to verify the document and then submit the document.

The Interchange for Lotus Notes application uses the Lotus Notes module, which interacts with the DOCS OPEN application.

The DOCS OPEN system can also communicate with Action WorkFlow or simply with Action DocRoute and WorkRoute.

Excalibur EFS Document Management System.

1. Inaccurate search by title of documents.

2.All-text search by synonyms.

3.Direct access to icon files.

Demand in the simplest style of the database

1. Search by key words.

2. Logical search for all texts.

The system has Russian interface and allows you to work with Russian text.

The disadvantages of this package are the operating system for the operator's archive into the operating system Unix or MS Windows (but in the X-terminal emulation mode). Deployment of files in libraries requires high level operator qualifications. For one user this product is at a very high price.

The functional task of the business office often provides a transition to paperless "electronic office". Increases paper circulation at workplaces, and includes the electronic lifecycle of the document, its creation, registration, mailing and archiving.

Has an open system interface and can be accessed to existing applications.

The system consists of three parts, each of which performs a mandate to solve a specific problem. They refer to finding an easy and fast way to map mapping amongst administrative staff. System kernel is AWS Manager module. It provides the implementation of the work described in the card. It also provides for the fraudulent penalty in the event of a worker's workload and error. AWS Manager has an API port. With this help, you can get information about the process: those who are dealing with the problem at the time, as well as setting up time intervals and getting a list of both the employees and the editors.

Electronic Document Management Systems.

1.Transfer of documents from paper to electronic form, resulting in cheaper cumentary support, will reduce the cost of copying and paperwork.

2.Low costs of searching for documents in the archive and searching for documents in the archive directly depends on the actual receipt of the actual address;

3.Integration of information process on administrative borders;

Creation of a new qualitative information resource will help to upgrade the management process of the following documentary support and to upgrade the document processing technology.

The ESD should be consistent with the information and organizational structure of the system. This should provide a new modification of the structure.

EMS is intended for automation of documentary support of document management, as well .

1. Preparation, storage, search and preparation of organizational and regulatory documents.

2. Preparation, storage, retrieval and preparation of the standard document form.

Obtaining accounting, sequence and archiving, preparation of search and organizational, accounting-statistical, accounting, planning, reference and other management documents.

The system should be based on open technology. In the future, it will be able to make modifications and avoid overdoing. The scale of the hardware platform should be taken into account.

The system should provide: textual documents in A4 format in Russian and other foreign languages, as well as full text indexation in the text document. Particular attention is paid to storage capacity, single-time access to documents, period of storage of documents.

The software and technology tools that can be used to manage documents and document circuits, as well as document-processing procedures, might be as follows:

Information-search technology for electronic papers.

Documents are edited in their saved locations.

Documents on stored attributes in a database are categorized. Each document in DOCS OPEN is included in the card list.

The DOCS OPEN system is provided with full text indexing. These tools can be found on the content of the document.

The DOCS OPEN system search capability is based on the QBE (Query By Example) model. To find a document, you need to fill out a document card. The system will issue documents according to the information provided. The user is allowed to integrate the documents into the package.

DOCS OPEN has the ability to collect documents. Documents will always be on the server that was originally stored. The document is provided to the user if it is to be processed.

The most prominent feature of the DOCS OPEN system is its ability to access and manage remote information.

The DOCS OPEN system has very high security features, which will allow you to verify the document and then submit the document.

The disadvantage of the system is that it is sensitive to indexation and explicit text search.

Excalibur EFS Document Management System.

Other tools for managing electronic documents, such as the excalibur EFS Excalibur Technologies Corp. product. Northern software works on the Unix operating system, and client-side performance runs on the MS Windows and Windows 95 operating systems. The access point database is used by DBMS Oracle, Informix, Sybase and Ingres. This system uses the latest technology, the neural network and artificial intelligence. Inconsistent search minimizes the errors that occur in the text that you typed in when typing the keypad is incorrect. APRP is the original video recognition technology packet base and has been implemented through a neuron site. Automatically indexing document content. This does not require you to select a keyword, and it lets you search for any word in a document that is not obvious.

The Excalibur EFS package provides the user with other search modes for information search:

1.Inaccurate search by title of documents;

2.All-text search by synonyms;

3.Direct access to icon files;

Demand in the simplest style of the database;

1. Search by key words;

2.Logical search for all texts.

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  1. Тақырыбы: Lotus Notes system

  2. ҒТАМР: Ғылыми мақала

  3. ЖОО: Халықаралық гуманитарлық-техникалық университет

  4. Жұмыстың аяқталған жылы: 2018 жыл

  5. Жұмыстың көлемі: 6 бет

  6. Қосымшалар саны: 2 бет

  7. Суреттер саны: -

  8. Кестелер саны: -

  9. Пайдаланылған әдебиеттер саны:

  10. Lotus Notes - қосымша бағдарламаларды құрастыру және орнату ретінде қызмет ететін клиент-серверлік платформа. Lotus Notes жүйесі жүйені қолдану үшін қажетті құралдарды қолданады, мұнда ақпаратты бірге пайдалануға болады. Lotus Notes пайдаланушыларға құжатқа қатысты ақпаратты алуға, қарауға және алуға мүмкіндік береді. Бұл ақпарат мәтін, бейне, дыбыс және дыбыс сияқты әр түрлі пішімдерде жіберілуі мүмкін.

Жұмыстың сипаттамасы

  1. Ғылыми жұмыстың мақсаты: ларды құрастыру және орнату ретінде қызмет ететін клиент-серверлік платформа құру.

  2. Зерттеудің өзектілігі: Пайдаланушылардың компьютерде жұмыс тиімділігін арттыру үшін Lotus Notes – қосымшасын пайдаланудың артықшылықтарын көрсету.

  3. Мәселенің зерттелу дәрежесі: -

  4. Жүргізілген зерттеулердің әдістері: компьютерде Lotus Notes - қосымша бағдарламасын пайдалану әдісі

  5. Ғылыми зерттеудің негізгі нәтижелері: практикалық

  6. Ғылыми нәтижелердің қолданылуы жайлы құжаттың болуы: жоқ

  7. Ізденушінің жүргізілген зерттеулерге қосқан жеке үлесі: -

  8. Жұмыстың Халықаралық және Республикалық ғылыми және ғылыми практикалық конференцияларда апробациялануы:

  9. Жұмыстың нәтижелері бойынша жарияланған ғылыми жұмыстар: ғылыми мақалалар

Ғылыми жұмыс авторы Батырбекова П.Е.

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  2. Аты:

  3. Әкесінің аты:

  4. Оқу орны, факультеті, мамандығы, курсы: Халықаралық гуманитарлық-техникалық университеті, Жаратылыстану-техникалық факультеті, 5В010900-Математика, 2 курс

  5. Мекен-жайы, телефоны:


  1. Тегі: Батырбекова

  2. Аты: Перизат

  3. Әкесінің аты:

  4. Жұмыс орны: Халықаралық гуманитарлық-техникалық университеті, Жаратылыстану-техникалық факультеті, Техника және ақпараттандыру кафедрасы

  5. Қызметі: оқытушы

  6. Ғылыми дәрежесі: магистр

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  8. Мекен жайы, телефоны

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