21. Choose the Present Perfect: я знаю Асана два года


өлшемі35.57 Kb.
1.Choose the right vaiant: How ____ you (are)

2.Choose the correct answer: You have got a lot of work to do ___? (Haven't you)

3.Complete with the verb in passive voice.Cheese ___ from milk (making)

4.Choose the correct answer: ... an engineer.I enjoy it. (I want to be)

5.Choose the comparative degree: It is ... today than it was yesterday. (Warmer)

6.Find the right variant: We turned the house upside down but we couldn't find your ring ... (anywhere)

7.Choose the right variant:Jack London Is an American ___ . (Writer)

8.Complete the sentences using superlative adjective form:What's ___ way of getting from here to the station?(the quickly)

9.Find the sentences with a possessive noun: (Jane's husband is ill)

10.Choose the Present Perfect variant:This is the most interesting novel I ___. (have ever read)

11.Complete the sentence: ... students study French at the University. (Some)

12.Choose the right number:His [4] children were born in London. (Four)

13.Find the Present Perfect:The doctor... been sent for. (Has)

14.Find the right variant:Nobody knew where be...: (Lived)

15.Choose the correct word:Astana ___ the north-western part of the Sary Arka (Located)

16.Find the Present Simple: I don't think it will make her ... her mind (Change)

17. Choose the superlative:Almaty is ... city in Kazakhstan. (the largest)

18.Choose the Past Simple :If I ___ in the country house I would have three dogs and a lot of cats. (Lived)

19.Choose the right variant:The air hostess told the passengers to ___ their seat belts. (Fasten)

20.Choose the right variant:What river does London stand? (The Times)

21.Choose the Present Perfect:Я знаю Асана два года. (I have known Asan for 2 years)

22.Choose the correct answer:___ a good clothes shop not far from here. (There is)

23. Complete the Present Simple:They ___ their English in the morning. (Have)

24. Complete with the verb in passive voice:This room ___ yesterday. (Was cleaned)

25.Choose the right pronoun:I see ___ in the mirror. (Myself)

26. Complete the Comparative:Your dog is ___ than your cat. (Funnier)

27.Choose the Present Continuous:They are having holiday ___ .(How)

28. Choose the correct answer:My wife's mother is my.... (Father-in-law)

29.Choose the correct word:____ bag is too big. (This)

30. Choose the right answer in a possessive case:Arman Bolatovich is our ___ friend. (Family's)


1. Choose the right answer: This is _____ match.

А) A

2. Complete the sentence: _____course of study at ____Institute of physical culture lasts four years:

А) A/ the

3. Choose the Infinitive: Ann wanted _______have lunch with her.

С) To

4. Choose the correct answer: This house was built....

С) 700 years ago

5. Use Past Simple: He may be in his office. I _____ him arrive about ten minutes ago.

В) Saw

6. Find the comparative: The days in autumn are _____ than in summer.

Д) longer

7. Find the future passive variant: The theater _______ be built here next year.

Д) Will

8. Find the Present Perfect: _______ you reserved your hotel room?

Б) Have

9. Complete the sentences: I’m hungry. I ______ to have something to eat.

Д) am going

10. Complete the Future Simple: There _______ more kinds of food in future

А) are

11. Find right variant: Я собираюсь быть там в 8 часов.

В) I am going to be there at 8 o’clock.

12. Choose the Past Simple: I heard the clock _______ ten a long time ago.

Д) Struck

13. Write in words: 31493

А) Thirty one thousand four hundred and ninety three

14. “2.380”

Е) Two thousand three hundred and eighty

15. Choose the Past Simple: I haven't got a ticket. If _______ one, I could get in.

Е) I had

16. Choose the right answer: _____ is that man with red hair? I have never seen _____.

А) who / him

17. Choose the correct answer: There _______two books on the table.

А) Are

18. Choose the best alternative: New York _______ a big city.

В) Is

19. Choose the Past Passive: The stamps _______ by Tom last summer.

С) Were collected

20. Complete the sentence: He knows _______ English words.

Д) A few

21. Complete the sentence: Lion is the _______ animal.

Е) Strongest

22. Who is a nephew? He is ___________.

С) An uncle

23. Choose the right variant: The greatest rivers of great Britain are _______

В) The Thames and Severn

24. Choose the right variant: May I ______that cassette?

Е) to watch

25. Find the right variant: Nick wants the money. Please give _______ to him.

Е) It

26. Choose the right article: This is ______ large room.

А) A

27. Find the right variant: I have _______ lot of English books.

С) A

28. Use Past Continuous: What ______You ______ about when I came in?

А) Were/talking

29. Complete the Past Passive: The exercises ________ by him yesterday.

В) Were done

30. Complete the sentence: I _______ strawberries more than any other fruit.

Д) Like


1. Choose the correct variant: Perhaps she is working _______.

А) Now

2. Choose the ordinal numeral?

Е) The fourteenth

3. Choose the right variant: She is afraid ____ everything.

А) Of

4. Use Present Perfect: Have you _______ to your best friend lately?

С) spoken

5. Use Future Simple: When you open the door you ______ that everything is in its usual place.

Д) Will discover

6. Choose the right variant: Who can tell me _____ has happened?

Д) what

7. Choose the Past Perfect: What was the problem? Why …. for the electricity?

А) Didn't you paid

8. This staff consists of 4 980 people.

Е) Four thousand nine hundred and eighty

9. Choose the correct items: Summer is the season between spring and_________.

В) Autumn

10. Choose the right variant: He couldn’t read.

Е) Он не мог читать

11. Choose the right variant: He can't play _______ piano.

А) The

12. Find the right variant: My father ______ not a teacher, he ______ a scientist.

А) Is/is

13. Choose the correct answer: She ______ sixteen last year.

С) Was

14. Choose the right variant: She is not so old ... I am:

А) Than

15. Which of the following adverbs has suffix – er in the comparative degree?

Д) Long

16. Choose the right variant: Take your umbrella. It _______ later.

А) may rain

17. Choose the right variant: The Capital of Wales is.....

Е) Cardiff

18. Complete the sentence using suitable adjective form: It's a very old castle. It is one of _____ castles in Britain.

С) The oldest

19. Choose the right variant: There's ______ forest at the end of the road.

Е) The

20. Complete the Past Continuous: We _______ the room when they came to see us.

А) Was cleaning

21. Change into Passive: They had canceled the game.

Д) the game was canceled

22. Choose the correct answer: Hadn't you better _________ in with that cold?

С) Stay

23. Complete the sentence: The students _______ not miss classes.

С) Shall

24. Choose the correct variant: I looked for my pen, but I couldn't find it _______

Е) Anywhere

25. Choose the right variant: How much is it? $23448.

Д) Twenty three thousand four hundred and forty eight

26. Choose the best alternative: I think she needs somebody to talk ______.

С) On

27. Choose the right variant: The traditional English drink is ______.

В) Tea

28. Choose the negative variant: You _________ told Mark. You knew it was a secret.

Д) shouldn’t have

29. Give the plural to: ‘foot’

Д) feet

30. Use Present Simple: Where's my bike? - It ..... outside the house.

А) Is


1. Choose the right variant: Dr. Smith has been living in Birmingham _since____ 2002.

А) since

2. Choose the Future Simple: It _____will be__fine if you join us tomorrow.

А) will be

3. Choose the right variant: In the city _air________is polluted.

Е) air

4. Find the right variant: Chris ____is____ to clean up his room. It’s a mess.

Е) is

5. Find the right variant: When my grandmother _____was_ young, she __was____an actress.

В) Was / was

6. Find the right variant: “to be”: Those___are__ my presents.

В) Are

7. Choose the right preposition: This blouse is made ____of___ silk.

Д) Of

8. Choose the right variant: ______who__did you close the window?

С) Who

9. The weather was so bad that it was _impossible______ to continue our journey.

Е) Impossible

10. Choose the correct variant: My sister’s husband is my___BROTHER IN LAW______.

С) Brother-in-law

11. The capital of England is _____LONDON___

С) London

12. Choose the correct variant: An empty ______BOTTLE____.

А) bottle

13. Choose the correct alternative. Mobiles have become the number one form of communication.

Д) Number one

14. Choose the correct variant: __THE____violin is one of ___THE___hardest instruments to play.

В) The / the

15. Find the right variant: __THE_____Sun rises in the East

С) The

16. Find the correct sentence: I USUALLY HAVE LUNCH AT HOME

Д) I usually have lunch at home

17. Choose the Passive: This machine must ___BE CLEANED_____every time you use it

Д) be cleaned

18. Write the Pronoun: Perhaps Margaret is busy. Don’t call __ME____.

С) me

19. Choose the correct answer. The contest will last __of______six ___until_____seven.

Д) Of / until

20. Choose the adverb: They moved __ QUIETLY___ through the hall.

В) Quietly

21. Choose the right variant: My working day____begins__at seven o’clock

А) begins

22. Choose the right answer: I don’t like stories ____which____ have unhappy endings.

А) which

23. Choose the right variant: He is __well known in the art world.

В) well-known

24. Choose the Present Continuous: What _will you do now?

А) Will you do

25. Finish the following proverb: One for all and all for ____one_____

В) One

26. Room 257 is full of people

Д) Two hundred and fifty seven

27. Administratively and territorially, Kazakhstan is divided into 14 provinces and two cities.

Д) Divided

28. Choose the Present Perfect: ___has______ he __got___ any lessons today?

С) Has/got

29. Choose the Past Continuous: What were you doing at 5 o’clock yesterday?

А) Were

30. Georg Washington is the ___1 st____ president of the USA.


1. Choose the demonstrative pronoun: ________ shoes don’t fit me.

С) These

2. Russian grammar is ….. than English grammar.

А) More difficult

3. Choose right adverb: I …… meet this engineer here.

А) Often

4. Find the right adjective: We must send a very (…..) letter. Be quick!

С) Important

5. Fill in a suitable word: The United States of America ….. a large territory.

С) Stretch

6. Complete the sentence using superlative adjective form: He’s one of the _______in the world.

Д) richest man

7. Choose the right article: This is ________ fine map.

Д) A

8. Choose the definite article: This is ________ picture which you like

Е) The

9. Choose the Present Simple: I used to play tennis. These days I ______ golf.

А) Play

10. Choose the correct answer: What time is it now? It is 5:15

В) a quarter past five

11. Complete the sentence: It is very late. You ________ phone them now.

Д) shouldn’t.

12. Choose right variant: What is synonym for “begin”?

А) to start

13. Choose the right variant: Say what century is the year: 2016

С) The twenty-first century.

14. Choose the right variant: If you don’t know how to spell a word, look it_____ in the dictionary.

В) for

15. Choose the Indirect speech: “Im writing a letter,” she said.

В) She said she was writing a letter.

16. The President of the Republic is the ________ of the state

Е) head

17. Choose the right variant: I bought this new book _______Chinese.

Д) for learning

18. Choose the participle 1: He picked up the letter ___ on the floor.

А) having lain

19. Choose the right variant: “1834”

А) one thousand eight hundred and thirty four

20. Choose Past Simple: You would never tell him about it if you ... him better.

С) knew

21. Complete the sentence: The United Kingdom is a ...

В) Constitutional Monarchy.

22. Choose the right variant: “2833”

Д) two thousand eight hundred and thirty three

23. Choose the right variant: “7-66-34”

В) seven six six three four

24. Choose the right variant: 07:35

А) It’s twenty five minutes to eight.a.m.

25. Choose the right variant: He … come to Moscow in the summer.

Е) need

26. Choose the Past Simple: Last winter I … a lot of time in the library.

А) spent

27. Choose the Present Serfect: I … my work and I am going home now.

В) have finished

28. Choose the Past Perfect: “Мы перевели статью к пяти часам. Біз мақаланы беске қарай аударып болдық.”

Д) We had translated the article by 5 o’clock..

29. Choose the Future Simple: We … this work before you return.

С) shall finish

30. Complete the sentence: They laughed … him.

А) at


1. Choose the right variant: … did you see him?

Е) where

2. Choose the right variant: Did you spend your holiday in the Crimea … in the Caucasus?

В) or

3. Use present continuous: What … you … here? – I am waiting for my friend.

Д) are / doing

4. Put the right Past Simple and past continuous: He … me as he … a book.

С) didn’t see / was reading

5. Complete the Present Continuous: Don’t enter the room ! A student … there.

С) is examined

6. Choose the right variant: Are you fond of … chess?

Д) Playing

7. Choose the right variant: I didn’t rest very … last night.

Д) good

8. Choose the right variant: If the weather is fine tomorrow, we … to the country.

А) shall go

9. Choose the Infinitive: It isn’t difficult ________ this textbook.

А) to understand

10. Choose the right variant: My pencil is _______ than yours.

А) longer

11. Choose the right variant: 4672

В) four thousands six hundred and seventy two

12. Find the right answer: My father can paint much ______ than I.

А) better

13. Complete the sentence: He ... be in the library now.

В) must

14. Complete the present perfect: I … to him the other day.

С) have spoken

15. Choose the negative of present perfect: He … any letters from her this week.

С) hasn’t received

16. “Romeo and Juliet” was written by _______.

А) W. Shakespeare

17. Choose the Past Simple: “Я окончил свою работу, прежде чем он вернулся (Ол келгенше мен жұмысымды аяқтадым)”

А) I finished my work before he returned.

18. Complete the sentence: He was sitting … the window.

В) on

19. Complete the sentence: You speak French, …?

А) didn’t you

20. Complete the sentence: Is he resting … working?

Е) or

21. Complete the Present Continuous: Don’t go into the classroom! The students … a dictation there.

Е) are writing

22. Past Continuous Passive: The letter … by the typist when I came in.

Д) was being typed

23. Choose the right variant: He is afraid of … cold.

Е) catches

24. Choose the right variant: It’s not … for you to smoke.

С) good

25. Choose the article: I liked … film that I saw yesterday.

С) a

26. Complete the Future Simple: He … finish his work next week.

В) will

27. Complete the Past Simple: I … this book in London Last year.

А) bought

28. Complete the Present Perfect: I … already … this book.

А) have / read

29. Complete the Future in the Past: I said that I … there the next day.

В) should go

30. Complete the sentences: Have you ever been ____ England?


7 вариант

1)Complete the sentence: This letter is … you.


2) Choose the right variant: Your sister didn’t go to London, …?

did she

3) Complete the student’s question: Do you do morning _______ every day?.


4) Complete Present Continuous: Let’s go for a walk, it …. outside.

isn’t raining

5) . Choose Present Continuous: The question which … now at the conference is very important.

is being discussed

6) Choose the Gerund: He has had very much experience in …English.


7) Choose the best alternative. There … enough exercises in the book. We need more exercises for homework.

are not

8) Choose the correct answer: It is … today than it was yesterday.


9) Choose the possessive. This is not my bicycle. It is my_____ bicycle.


10) . Use Superlative and comparative adjective form: Everest is ______ mountain in the world. It is _________ than any other mountain.

the highest, higher

11) . Choose the article, if it is necessary. At____ dinner everybody was silent.


12) Choose the Gerund: After the meal we all went …


13) . Put the right verb in the passive voice: The room … tomorrow.

will be cleaned

14) Choose the correct variant. The flowers should be kept in a warm _________ place.


15) Choose the right variant. We … do our lessons everyday:


16) Choose the Present Simple: Susan usually _______ from Monday till Friday.


17) . Complete the sentence: _______ Institute is named after I. Altynsarin


18) Choose the right variant of the year: nineteen fifty – seven.


19) Choose the right variant: How do you say the number “101”?

One hundred and one

20) Choose the best alternative. As soon as I got to the airport, I checked … .


21) . Choose the Superlative Degree: It’s the_______ job he’s ever had to do


22) Choose the Past Continuous: I asked him whether he____ to stay there long.

Was going

23) Choose the Demonstrative Pronoun: Take_____ apples


24) . Choose right variant: How ________ money have you got?


25) Choose the right variant: Jack lives not far from us, but we _______ him often.

don’t see

26) Choose the Superlative: Pluto is ______ of all the planets.

the coldest

27) . Choose the right variant: Nurgissa Tlendiev is a well known Kazakh________.


28) Complete the sentence: Margaret ____four languages.


29) Complete the sentence: Food is expensive. It ____ a lot of money


30) . Complete the sentence: The Earth _____ round the Sun.



1. Complete the sentence: I buy a newspaper every day but sometimes I ___ _____it.

А) don’t read

2. Complete the sentence: Amanda is married but she ____ _____ a ring.

Е) doesn’t wear

3. Find the Past Simple:

Е) I was tired

4. Give 3 forms of the verb: to be- _________.

Е) was, were - been

5. Find the Past Simple:

Д) You were late yesterday

6. Find the Past Simple:

С) He was asleep

7. Complete the sentence: Today the weather ____ nice, but yesterday it _____ very cold.

С) is, was

8. Complete the sentence: The accident _____ last Sunday.

А) happened

9. Complete the Past Simple: We ____ our holiday last year.

В) enjoyed

10. Use Past Simple: Then she ____ through passport control and _____ for her flight.

В) went, waited

11. Find the Irregular verb:

Д) to go

12. Find the Regular verb:

А) to finish

13. Complete the sentence: It was hot in the room, so I _____ the window

А) opened

14. Choose the correct answer: What are the colors of the American flag?

А)white, blue, red

15. Find the plural differ from others:

В) Child

16. Choose the Past Simple: She … to the meeting alone.

В) Came

17. Choose the right predicate: I … already … our teacher.

А) Have … seen.

18. Choose the Infinitive:

Д) to go

19. Choose the right noun: There is a comfortable ______ in the room.

С) arm-chair

20. Choose the right answer: The twenty second of December is _____ day in the year.

А) the shortest

21. Find the word where the vowel (u) is in group one:

С) Tulip.

22. Make a word combination with the given word: tea- ___________.

Д) spoon.

23. Find the right variant: Find the right variant: What is your mother? She is _______.

В) a doctor

24. Find the right variant: What is the traditional instrument played in your country?

С) Dombra

25. Choose the right variant: England is the most _______ part of Great Britain.

В) populated

Е) field

26. Fill in the preposition. I'm very disappointed … him.

А) off.

27. Choose the right variant: What made you ______ so early?

В) get up

28. Say in one word. It is a place where you cook dinner:

А) Kitchen.

29. Choose the right variant: He lives in flat number 2.

В) the second

30. Form the comparative of the word “big”

С) Bigger.


1. Find the right variant: Could you tell me … has happened?

С) what

2. Choose the right verb: My parents … doing shopping now.

Д) are

3. Choose the right variant: What is the traditional game in your country.

А) Kokpar

4. Make negative. Translate the text.

В) Not translate the text

5. Use “to be going to”: My friend … his own Business.

С) Is going to start.

6. Fill in the preposition: It is not … his power to help you.

В) in

7. Form the noun from the word translate: “ translate”

А) tion

8. Choose the right variant: I need to get ______ flat.

А) a comfortable

9. Choose the Comparative: She is much ______ than her sister

А) cleverer

10. Choose the right variant: Could you please ________ the light. It’s too dark here.

А) turn on

11. Рut the correct article. ... Petrovs moved into a new flat

А) -

12. Choose the best alternative. There . . . someone at the door.

А) is.

13. Choose the correct answer: There _____much milk in the bottle.

В) is.

14. We don’t know their address. What (we/do)?

С)What shall we do

15. Choose the Superlative: Ann is ... person in her group.

Д) The youngest.

16. Choose a correct answer. Mike s children are ___________ for his parents.

С) grandchildren

17. Choose a correct variant. The Capital of Kazakhstan is...

С) Nur-Sultan

18. Choose right variant __________ is your favorite subject at school?

Е) Do

19. Choose the right answer in a possessive case; Take _________dictionary.(Ann)

Е) Ann's

20. Choose the right variant: She has . . . good dress.

А) a

21. My little sister … sleeping at this time yesterday.

В) is.

22. Find the right variant: Why …you go to the police station yesterday?

В) did

23. Choose the right variant: Great Britain is separated from the continent by _____.

Е) the Atlantic ocean.

24. Choose the Past Simple variant.

А) She didn't understand what I said

25. Use Past Simple: Tom ____________ tennis yesterday.

В)didn’t play

26. Choose the Present Continuous: Mark is .….Lunch now.

Д) has eaten

27. Complete the sentence: She...a student last year.

В) Is.

28. Choose the Passive: Grammar __ by our teacher.

Д) Is explained

29. Choose the Superlative: This classroom is ________ one in the school.

А) lightest

30. Choose uncountable noun:

В) Sugar


1. Choose the correct word: I________a lot of time doing my home assignment.

Е) spend

2.Fill in suitable word: The region of Great ___________(озера, көл) is in the USA

А) lakes

3. Choose the right variant: Well, why ____________ you eat at home?

А) don’t

4. Choose the definite article: It was a new house. _____roof was red, _____door was brown.

А) The\The

5. In_____ past most people lived by ________ agriculture.

А) the / -

Use Past Simple: I … very tired so I … to sleep.

Д) Were\would.

7. Complete the sentence. … name is Justin Hill.

А) His

8. Choose the correct answer: She is on... holiday.

Е) -

9. Find the right variant. I... to the Institute three times a week.

С) go

10. Choose the Present Simple. I … at seven o'clock every day.

С) get

11. Choose the correct pronoun. ________ reads newspapers every morning.

Д) He

12. Choose the correct variant. When … he go home?

А) were

13. Complete the sentence in the Present Indefinite. He learns English words …

Е) every day

14. Find the right variant. I like to ______ Coca- Cola.

В) drink

15. Choose the Past Simple: I saw him...

Д) yesterday

16. Find the Present Simple:. In summer I usually … for long walks after breakfast.

Е) came

17. Choose the Present Continuous.

Е) I go to the library every day.

18. Find the right variant. Translate. Вы ходили вчера в лес?

С) Did you go to the forest yesterday?

19. Choose the correct answer. Are you writing a letter to your friend?

Д) No, I don't write

20. Find the right variant. … he standing?

А) are

21. Choose the Present Simple: If I … sleeping when you come, wake me up.

Е) am

22. Choose the Present Continuous: My friend is listening to music …

Д) every day

23. Choose the correct answer. They … playing tennis when I came.

В) were

24. Choose the correct answer. He … writing a letter at that moment yesterday.

Д) was

25. The capital of France is ___________.

А) Paris

26. Find the right variant. What _______ they reading?

В) are

27. Choose the correct answer. I was writing a letter at 8 o'clock … .

В) yesterday

28. Hello, How are you? ____________________.

А) I’m fine, thank you

29. The right equivalent: Ештен кеш жақсы

В) Better never than later

30. _____________ Diana come to the party tomorrow?

Е) Is

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