Демеулігін қажетті жерге қойып шығыңыздар


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363. 1-Exercise

To демеулігін қажетті жерге қойып шығыңыздар

1. I like ... dance. 2. I'd like ... dance. 3. I shall do all I can ... help you. 4. She made me ... repeat my words several times. 5. I saw him ... enter the room. 6. She did not let her mother ... go away. 7. Do you like ... listen to good music? 8. Would you like ... listen to good music? 9. That funny scene made me ... laugh. 10. I like ... play the guitar. 11. My brother can ... speak French. 12. We had ... put on our overcoats because it was cold. 13. They wanted ... cross the river. 14. It is high time for you ... go to bed. 15. May I ... use your telephone? 16. They heard the girl... cry out with joy. 17. I would rather ... stay at home today. 18. He did not want ... play in the yard any more. 19. Would you like ... go to England? 20. You look tired. You had better ... go home. 21. I wanted ... speak to Nick, but could not ... find his telephone number. 22. It is time ... get up. 23. Let me ... help you with your homework. 24. I was planning ... do a lot of things yesterday. 25.I'd like ... speak to you. 26. I think I shall be able ... solve this problem. 27. What makes you ... think you are right?

429. 2-Exercise

Complex Object-те сөйлемді құрап жазыңыз.

E.g. "Bring me a book," said my brother to me.

My brother wanted me to bring him a book.

1. The teacher said to the pupils: "Learn the rule." — The teacher wanted ... 2. "Be careful, or else you will spill the milk," said my mother to me. — My mother did not want ... 3. "My daughter will go to a ballet school," said the woman. — The woman wanted ... 4. The man said: "My son will study math­ematics." — The man wanted ... 5. "Oh, father, buy me this toy, please," said the little boy. — The little boy wanted ... 6. "Wait for me after school," said Ann to me. — Ann wanted ... 7. "Fix the shelf in Mir kitchon," my father said to me. — My father wniilnl ... K. "It. will be very good if you study English," said my mother to me. — My mother wanted ... 9. "Bring me some water from the river, chil­dren," said our grandmother. — Our grandmother wanted ... 10. "Come to my birthday party," said Kate to her classmates. — Kate wanted ... 11. The biology teacher said to us: "Collect some insects in summer." — The biology teacher wanted ... 12. "Don't eat ice cream before dinner," said our mother to us. Our mother did not want ...

482. 3-Exercise

"I wish" қалау райының тиісті формасын қолданып сөйлемді толықтырыңыз.

1. I wish I (to have) a season ticket to the Phil­harmonic next winter. 2. I wish I (to consult) the teacher when I first felt that mathematics was too difficult for me. 3. I love sunny weather. I wish it (to be) warm and fine all the year round. 4. I wish I (not to lend) Nick my watch: he has broken it.

  1. I wish you (to send) word as soon as you arrive.

  2. I wish I (not to have) to do my homework every day. 7. I wish you (to go) skiing with me yesterday: I had such a good time! 8. I wish I (to know) Span­ish. 9. I wish I (not to drink) so much coffee in the evening: I could not sleep half the night. 10. I wish you (to read) more in future. 11. I wish I never (to suggest) this idea. 12. I wish I (to be) at yesterday's

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